Ray Franz Tribute

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Excellent job V, ATJeff and Randy.


  • alice.in.wonderland

    A tribute to the bitterness of mortality! Beautifully done.

  • blondie


  • AllTimeJeff

    It's nice that even admitted Jehovah's Witnesses will miss Ray Franz.

  • crazyblondeb


    In one of these threads, there was an address for her at commentary press, for cards.

  • alice.in.wonderland

    "It's nice that even admitted Jehovah's Witnesses will miss Ray Franz."

    I will say all of this is really weird just from a secular point of view. Ex-religionists may honor philosophers or free-thinkers that provide an alternative to religion, but they don't have a religious specific darling to which they give tribute.

    The good, say the mystics of spirit, is God, a being whose only definition is that he is beyond man’s power to conceive—a definition that invalidates man’s consciousness and nullifies his concepts of existence. . . . Man’s mind, say the mystics of spirit, must be subordinated to the will of God. . . . Man’s standard of value, say the mystics of spirit, is the pleasure of God, whose standards are beyond man’s power of comprehension and must be accepted on faith . . . The purpose of man’s life . . . is to become an abject zombie who serves a purpose he does not know, for reasons he is not to question. Ayn Rand, For the New Intellectual

    Rand developed an integrated philosophical system called "Objectivism." Its essence is "the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."

  • AllTimeJeff

    Thanks for sharing AIW. That will be all from you on this thread.

  • alice.in.wonderland

    "Thanks for sharing AIW. That will be all from you on this thread."

    Can I at least ask if you're a forum moderator or you know the moderators? There's a difference between paying your respects and a tribute to a person's accomplishments.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Yeah, you can ask. But do so about another thread. This thread is about Ray Franz, a name you failed to mention in your last post. Ayn Rand got two mentions.

  • mrsjones5

    The tribute is beautiful. I love it.

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