From JW's To Islam

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  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Be careful jookbeard, or you will have one of those holy men with a turban and a beard issuing a fatwa because you have insulted The Prophet. And then another holy man (with or without turban and beard) will come looking for you to carry it out. Uh uh, and now by implying these people are intolerant and murderous they will probably come after me too.

    BTY insearchoftruth4 – I did not wish to imply that Islam equals racist. There are racist everywhere, including fundamentalist Christians as well as fundamentalist Moslems. I only mentioned it because he was a devout believer, and I can never understand in this day and age how a devout believer in any faith can at the same time be a virulent racist.

  • punkofnice

    Religion = It's all a load of old b0110cks.

  • cantleave

    Religion = It's all a load of old b0110cks.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Religion = It's all a load of old b0110cks.

    Not all of it - some of it's new b0110cks.

  • Fernando

    Hey Gefangene!

    I understand the Muslim faith very well and would be happy to chat with you. PM me anytime.

    B.T.W. I identify as Jew, Christian and Muslim.

    I also identify as SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious).



    PS - Google: "Muslims are not Islamists"

  • princecharmant

    If you think the Bible is "bad", then try the Qu'ran. No worse drivel was ever spouted! And to see millions stake their life on it and kill for it is quite mindboggling.

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades
    promoting a belief that the illiterate paedophile prophet Muhammad is the last prophet that God had chosen is very similar to saying that the WTS is the organization that God has selected to be his chosen group on Earth today, both utterly ludicrous.

    any more/less ludicrous than god supposedly choosing a relatively insignificant group of bronze age tribesmen from which to dispense "truth"?

    any more/less ludicrous than the miracles up and down the bible?

    or how about that virgin birth? everything about the story of mary and joseph screams pedophilia or at least someone was getting wild without the pill...

    within islam, just as in christianity, you have a range from "extreme liberal" to "extreme conservative" we even see that on here with the atheist/nonatheist and other christianity threads.

    they're not all trying to blow people up or chop anyone's heads off. they ARE going through a period in which they have to reconcile the qu'ran with the world and the accepted social norms around them.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    The supreme irony....
    During the height of the slave trade, Muslims were very active in capturing and selling Africans to the Europeans as slave labor...
    Slavery is practiced to this day in many Muslim countries...

    Just noticed this. That's true Zid, and a good point to bring up, but slavery probably wasn't the forefront issue on the minds of black men in this country during the 50s through the early 70's, no more than it is now. Slavery came up in conversation as it provided a context, the basis for a narative for discussion about an ongoing problem, but it wasn't the main topic. Open and legalized discrimination, getting beat by police or lynched by white mobs with impunity amongst other issues was on the minds of men like my father. I can't tell you how many older black men I've known throughout the years that were in the armed services who were shitted on more than Vietnam vets in this country and as a result have resent about their time in the services and this country. The true supreme irony about what was happening to blacks forty and fifty years ago (still happens today on a lesser extent) was that their white assalants were good church going...........Christians. Christianity as practiced by many whites during those years could legitimately be viewed as the religion practiced by the enemies and oppressors of black people. Hence you heard phrases such as, white devil, cave woman, contempt for a blue eyed blonde Jesus, etc..

    A good way to illustrate this is to consider the dynamics of people on this very message board affected by what the JW/WT religion has done to them. Some here have a vehement hatred towards the WT, and to be honest you can't blame them. For some, it led them to atheism, or agnosticism, or for some even a more traditional view of Christ as taught by other Christian denominations. That said, imagine being a black male during the contentious years of the Civil Rights movement and prior, and being persecuted by a white Christian? It's a given that some blacks would fluctuate to a faith that they would see as a polar opposite to white Christianity. Black Islam as taught and practiced by the NOI was probably the most polar opposite available to black males during those years.

  • BluesBrother

    I have sometimes thought that there are a lot of similarities between J W and Islam - not in doctrine but lifestyle.

    Both have specific rules to follow, it is religion of submission. Both teach dire consequenses for "apostasy" , both requre certain actions and meeting attendance .

    I just think that the same type of person could find a home in either group if they were exposed to it.

  • maisha

    I was asked more than once to become a muslim, I pondered this for awhile.

    I asked them if Ala was one or many, answer yes is one., did they agree that the devil was a god of division?, answer yes..

    I asked them which sect i should join theirs or another, answer theirs,,,

    is that sunni or shia, or bora or,,, etc,,,

    d you get on with that sect or do you dislike them, do you join in worship with them,, of course answer are no,,,

    If you are from god, why are you continually fighting amoug yourselves?,,, answers were not forthcoming and subject never returned.

    BUT these people are my friends, and i respect their way and beliefs.

    We live in peace with each other and thats all i need..

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