From JW's To Islam

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  • ziddina
    "My father almost converted to Nation of Islam(Elijah Muhammad, Farraakhan, etc.) in his early twenties after doing his time in the Services. He told me that he didn't stay because they were a social causes religion more than anything. He didn't feel they satisfied his spiritual yearning but they shared his contempt for white people at the time. ..." Theocratic Sedition

    The supreme irony....

    During the height of the slave trade, Muslims were very active in capturing and selling Africans to the Europeans as slave labor...

    Slavery is practiced to this day in many Muslim countries...

  • ziddina

    From this website:

    "...The taking of slaves by Muslims was extensive but would not be as obvious to people in the twenty-first century because fewer known descendants of slaves were around to remind people of it -- the Muslims were castrating their slaves. ..."

    And from this website:

    "Not many people know that Muslims were far worse as slave traders than Christian Europeans ever were. In fact, Muslims keep that very quiet - although to be fair, like Christians, few seem to have much knowledge of their history.

    Today Muslims are taught that America was the beneficiary of the slave trade by Europeans who took black slaves to America. In Africa, this is one of the big reasons that America is hated. But the Muslims were a much bigger slave trader both before and after the American slave trade period. ..."

    That was something I ran into while I was researching my Berber/Imazighen "persona" for the SCA - the Berbers - Imazighen or Tamazight - were HUGE slave traders - they supplied vast amounts of black African slaves to Imperial Rome... And the slaving didn't stop there...

    When the Berbers converted to Islam, the slave trade continued... Well into the 1800's, if I recall correctly - though my research basically covered an earlier time of the Berber tribes.

  • ziddina

    This subject actually deserves its own thread, but...

    I found this site while looking up "Muslims and the slave trade", and I logged back in just to post this link:

    Very interesting...

  • insearchoftruth4

    Put it Islam under the microscope and all religious scripture and all religions. Give it the acid test, you be the judge. The truth will always prevail........ PEACE

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    I can see the attraction of Islam to certain types of men, but I find it difficult to understand why a woman would find it appealing.

    A niece of mine converted to Islam, although she was born into JWs- never could quite understand that. Her husband is probably the most racist person I know, but I guess racism is not unique to any culture. From an outsider’s viewpoint they just seem culturally to be a century or two behind the rest of the world. I’ve not read it, but I can’t imagine being “blown away” by the Quran. By some of its fundamentalist practitioners perhaps, but not the book itself.

  • NewChapter

    I don't find Islam all that more offensive than the other Abrahamic religions--but I'm not fond of any of them. I listen to Christians and Jews being outraged at some of the sins of Islam, but their own histories are inundated with such sins. I only find Islam more offensive in that its atrocities are happening right now when I am able to speak out against it, and I wasn't there for the ethnic cleansing and genocide written and celebrated by ancient Hebrews, or the Inquistion and Witch burnings of the Christians. It all angers me and makes me contemptuous, but with Islam, the concern is more immediate because it is happening in my time.

    I condemn the atrocities done in the name of all religion. However, I've known quite a few Muslims, and they were moderate. So I don't believe that Muslim equals suicide bomber--not at all. But there is something wrong with a system, ANY SYSTEM, that has built in justifications for brutal behavior and allows extremists to flourish with some validity. Yet I reject them all.

  • atrapado

    NC I couldn't agree more with you. Seems like Christians and Jews have become more civil but Islam has failed to evolve.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Ultimate Axiom, AT first, I thought it to be copied from other sources and it is still open to scrutiny, in fact the Quran invites the reader to challenge its contents. Science, embryology, shows the individual how to comtemplate the creation of the world around him/her, a whole other world of explanations. It helped me to understand the Bible all the more. The first revelation was Iqra- Read, to a Man who could not read nor write Isaiah 29:12. But Iqra has a deeper meaning. Racism is not Islam. What some people do, they do. In the end we answer for own behavior. Peace be with You.

  • problemaddict

    The Daily Show said it best. They said Islam was around 700 years younger than Christianity. So what were Christians doing around that long ago? Acting a fool etc... Hilarious.

  • jookbeard

    promoting a belief that the illiterate paedophile prophet Muhammad is the last prophet that God had chosen is very similar to saying that the WTS is the organization that God has selected to be his chosen group on Earth today, both utterly ludicrous.

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