From JW's To Islam

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  • Bangalore

    Life story of a brother who converted to Islam.


  • Mary

    From the frying pan into the fire. Oh well.......whatever turns your crank.

  • wobble

    Islam as a religion is not all bad, plenty of control yes, but maybe this guy wants that.

    The lunatic fringe of religions and political movements are to be most avoided.

    I cannot understand someone not using their freedom to make a decent choice though, like no religion at all, say.

  • upnorth

    Islam is the only complete system of living that is more vile then the WBATS.

    Absolutely every question already has an answer. It even has answers for questions you don't really want the answer to.

  • Gefangene

    is there anyone in here who has converted to Islam or who may consider it? My husband is a muslim and I would like to speak with folks who understand this religion. I didn't start a new thread hence just pushing up an old one. Hope that's ok... Please no attacks or outcries how mad I am to learn about this religion/to be married with a muslim. Peace Salam

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Gefangene, that deserves its own thread. You're a JW married to a muslim. How does that happen?

  • jookbeard

    there is a poster here who converted to Islam, back to the OT it must be on the increase as it is the worlds fastest growing belief system.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    My father almost converted to Nation of Islam(Elijah Muhammad, Farraakhan, etc.) in his early twenties after doing his time in the Services. He told me that he didn't stay because they were a social causes religion more than anything. He didn't feel they satisfied his spiritual yearning but they shared his contempt for white people at the time.

    I know a brother in a neighboring congregation, former elder, did parts on the circuit assemblies and occasionally at district conventions, that joined a black Muslim faction. I don't know if they're affiliated with the NOI or not. Last I heard he was militant and disciplined as all hell.

  • insearchoftruth4

    Salaam alaykum, Gefangene to you and your family, while waiting for a bible student at the public library, I came across the Quran, I borrowed it for over a year, what I read and came to understand just blew me away. I was a JW for over 30+ years. I never really met any muslims. That was about 5 years ago. This probably is a another thread. Any questions please ask. PEACE.....

  • jookbeard

    ISoT4, the Quran would "blow me away" through utter boredom.

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