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    I don't understand... with all the people who are contra-Watchtower - I mean all the books, all the websites, all the forums dedicated to "exposing" the Watchtower "truth" - why has no one group actually just gone ahead and REALLY exposed it?

    All the proceeds from Crisis of Conscience or whatever other books (many on Amazon.com) or whatever spare money and time people have to create these forums for people of varying degrees of craziness and experience could all go towards one simple solution: Infiltrate the Governing Body "enclave" meeting room with bugged mics and a hidden camera. Really, why hasn't anyone thought of that? The equipment would be expensive, sure. As far as manpower goes, I'm sure there are thousands who could pull it off. With wireless and RF technology being what it is now, getting a remote camera to record how it is they come up with their doctrines and ideas should be easy enough.

    Think about it. If you're REALLY interested in freeing peoples' minds, go to the source. Don't waste time and money on efforts that may or may not work. Whenever you write a book or post a comment on how you were personally offended or how you just happen to know that there are hypocrisies or flip flops in doctrine, blah blah blah. There's always a way to combat that; especially when they are REALLY indoctrinated.

    But if you were able to PROVE (and I don't mean prove by WRITING that you were an elder or GB member and "I promise this is the way it went, trust me, I wrote a book about it, of course you can believe me") I mean REALLY PROVE by VIDEO and AUDIO that the GOVERNING BODY meetings are no more spirit inspired/directed than the meetings for how JJ Abrams was going to end ABC's Lost, then I think you could really show the people in the organization that it's all just a guessing game and that God has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. (Experiences about child molesters and stupid redneck elders or whatever have no real weight. It's gotta come from the top.)

    If anyone gets killed by an angel in the process of infiltration, then you'll have an answer, too. That it IS God's organization and he doesn't want you messin around. Either way, the truth would be discovered and exposed.

    So what do you say? Let's pool our monies and resources together and settle this petty matter once and for all. If there is anything wrong with this idea, please post. But don't post about how illegal it is, cuz really who would care? If you're interested in freeing people, it shouldn't matter how illegal it is. Just send someone who won't get caught. Fist fight your way out of there. Use krav maga! If seen, RUN! Ha! I'm sure there won't be any firearms on the premises. And if there are, well then, you've just exposed something else, now, haven't you? If it's a war to free people's minds, they'll thank you in the end.

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    Feel better now?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    Welcome to the forum.

    If it's a war to free people's minds, they'll thank you in the end.

    If you don't get it right, you will have a lot of suicides to deal with. Are you OK with that?



  • StAnn

    QWT, the GB will come back and say that they suspected they were being infiltrated and so concocted a scheme whereby they would say damning things on tape so that they could "out" they spy.

    You can never underestimate the blind devotion of a JW.

    For pity's sake, the WTS joined the UN and told the JDubs it was so they could get a library card! The JDubs bought it! They'll believe ANYTHING they are told because they are told to believe it.


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    What you are suggesting would make no difference. The GB show they are not directed by all the flip-flops, which are easy to see by flicking through a few older Watchtowers, yet most JWs switch off to the reality of it. Just to hear it spoken would make no difference. Most would doubt the tape was real, claim it was apostate lies, justify the GB as imperfect as Peter was imperfect, say the light is still getting brighter etc and keep on like lemmings streaming off a cliff.

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    You would also have to wait a LONG time before you got any discussion of scripture or doctrine, the Wednesday Meetings are sales meetings, doctrine and scripture are touched on once in a blue moon, and a lot of what they "approve" goes through on the nod.

    "Have you read this pile of S**T, I mean articles, bros. ? yes? Then we will approve them."

    The above is supposition, but I bet pretty close to the reality.

    QWT BIG WELCOME, don't be put off by our cynical attitude, we welcome your presence and input here, but we have examined many a scheme proposed over the years for ridding the world of the WT, none of them are workable.

    Welcome again,


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    in movies, they have these laser gadgets they can point to windows across the street and hear the conversation inside. i wonder if they actually work. I think its a completely impractical idea, but its fun to think about .




    Have you considered a gunpowder plot. Or you could deal with this the old fashioned way.

    Send in a crack team of gladiators.

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    Hey welcome to the forum...good luck with your plans...crack on ....

    Loz x

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