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    keyser soze

    You're wrong. A puppet show would be the most effective way to expose them.


    Sharks with Laser Beams has been Done to Death..

    We have Shamus..He likes to throw Monkey Shit..

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  • QuitWastingTIME

    Thanks for the welcomes! ... I think! LOL!

    I hear you guys. Let me do this one at a time.

    "Feel better now?" --> I didn't post so that I could feel better. I have no idea why you'd ask that other than to perhaps make me sound stupid. If that is the case, then do YOU feel better now? If it was a sincere question, let me think... hm, yeah, I think I DO feel a little better. Thanks for asking.

    "you will have a lot of suicides to deal with. Are you OK with that?" --> Hm, good question, Black Sheep. No, not really. But would it be my fault or is that a choice they'd make for themselves?

    StAnn, as far as the UN thing goes... honestly, and totally from an objective point of view, both arguments (for and against WT) are really lacking some details. Nobody knows FOR SURE if they GB wanted to sign up with the UN "for the hell of it" or even "to get some kind of political protection." As far as I know, the UN hasn't come out and said, "Yeah, WTS totally signed up with us because of some political scheme." Then the WT says, "we needed a library card to use their systems," which, is valid enough of a point. If you aren't signed up, you can't use their library. It's a he said / she said situation there, and I believe that there are other more valid reasons to doubt WTS. But yes, you're right, if it IS 100% true, then it's something to hold up against them. As far as the GB concocting a scheme and saying, "oh, we were just pretending" I think the majority of people would see through that. You can't save them all, but then again you can't convince everybody that religion in general is a scam. Which brings me to my next point:

    EndofMysteries, CageFighter, Heaven: you're right. It's all just a big guessing game. And 7M IS a pimple. But we can start somewhere. One soda can on the side of the road is even less than a pimple when u consider all the garbage in my town. Does that mean I don't pick it up? I dunno, maybe some of you are smokers who throw their butts out their car window yet preach about being green and saving the environment. But I consider exposing WT as "doing my part" (just like picking up a soda can). First that one (WT), then the rest. Why that one first? Maybe cuz it's what hits home to me. Just like my rain water barrel. Saving clean water is first on my green agenda, and then I'll do the rest.

    MadSweeney... now that's a GREAT idea. Of course, the only problem with that is that most JW's would never visit. Maybe you'd have to advertise it as a museum that "honors" the JW. Perhaps say at the end of the tour, "Despite all this crazy stuff and suspect activity, modern day JW's as PEOPLE are generally nice, and believe with all their hearts that they're being directed by their Lord. So be nice to them, have pity on them." You might get more JW visitors like that, heh.

    Bohm, yes, there ARE actually devices like that, but they're expensive. Shotgun mics are used by the media often. Then there are the ones used by "security" agencies that are even more accurate and powerful.

    Gladiator, that's funny.

    Alright, enough ranting for now. Cynicism is ok, I understand most of us are probably frustrated. Who knows how many of you are still going to the meetings secretly wishing for some sign, speaking against in hopes of being wrong, or going because they want to please family, or going just enough to avoid a sheperding call in which you might have to say something that gets you on a 6 month cruise on the ship... the disfellowship. I hear ya. But I really think that if we could start at the top, right at the top, and PROVE - not just a he said she said internet game - but really PROVE there's no holy spirit regardless of light getting brighter imperfect, whatever... it might help. The end.

  • StAnn

    QWT said regarding the UN: "Then the WT says, "we needed a library card to use their systems," which, is valid enough of a point. If you aren't signed up, you can't use their library. "

    Sorry, QWT. Wrong. You don't need to be an NGO to use their library. That was a LIE. Go to the "best of" section here on JWN and read the articles on the WTS and the UN.

    So, why did the WTS lie about their reason for joining the UN if it was perfectly innocent?????

    You do have a lot to learn. The WTS is even worse than you know.


  • leavingwt

    Welcome to the forum.

    May I ask a question?

    Have you read Steve Hassan's first book? It's called 'Combatting Cult Mind Control'.


    You will likely discover that facts/evidence/data/reality/doctrine have little to do with why more than 90% of JWs follow the WT.

  • MsDucky
    I don't understand... with all the people who are contra-Watchtower - I mean all the books, all the websites, all the forums dedicated to "exposing" the Watchtower "truth" - why has no one group actually just gone ahead and REALLY exposed it?

    This is what Raymond Franz, a Governing Body member, did with the book "Crisis of Conscience". When people have been indoctrinated, Jesus Christ himself telling them that the religion is a fraud wouldn't work.

  • QuitWastingTIME

    StAnn, I DO have to look into that. I suppose the info I have is wrong, then, and so will do further research. LeavingWT, you know, I guess you're absolutely right. So why did I start to question it, then? What separates me from the rest? MsDucky, indoctrination is mighty powerful, but again, why did it not work on me? Or even Franz?

  • alice.in.wonderland

    "All the proceeds from Crisis of Conscience or whatever other books (many on Amazon.com) or whatever spare money and time people have to create these forums for people of varying degrees of craziness and experience could all go towards one simple solution: Infiltrate the Governing Body "enclave" meeting room with bugged mics and a hidden camera."

    What do you think you're going to find out? You make it sound like it's a matter of national security.

    The Vatican Intelligence Agency operates a lot like the Central Intelligence Agency when it comes secrecy as members of clergy take a vow of secrecy. I have yet to decide which is better at keeping secrets. What's interesting is investigators raided and shut down Neverland Ranch because Jackson had an ill guest that said a few words. Why does the Catholic Church's Neverland Ranch get such special treatment?

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    Alice, why are you so rabidly anti-catholic ?


    Alice, why are you so rabidly anti-catholic ?.....Wobble

    Jehovah`s Witness`s are the only True Religion..


    Catholics make a lot of mistakes!..


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