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    The silent lambs stuff made TV and was pretty powerful stuff but the Borg is still there and it doesn't get more personal than harbouring sex offenders who have preyed on innocent dubs. Granted it may have made some leave.

    The Borg will talk their way out of anything - or end up removing a couple of scapegoats. If your plan were to stand any chance of success, the evidence would have to be so widely publicised and notorious that every bud would hear of it despite being told from the platform to ignore it. I can't see that a taped/filmed conversation about changing any single doctrine/policy could really do this - even if you could legally reproduce it and get Sacha Baron Cohen to introduce it.

    I understand where you're coming from but I don't think there is an easy way to end it. Good luck though.


  • QuitWastingTIME

    MMXIV, you're comments reveal that there is some insight in your words. But the problem with the Silent Lambs stuff (and I truly do not mean to diminish any pain or scoff at any "victories" or offend anyone who may have been a "silent lamb") is that it is number one: rare. I know of NO one personally or even by third degree who has ever undergone something like that. Not sure, but I think it happens in southern states and rural country bumpkin places where porn is not readily available over high speed broadband! LOL And as far as knowing people, let me just say I probably would have 2000 connections on facebook of JWs in my state alone because of so many parties I used to go to and going out dancing and stuff... yeah, we were pretty wild "youths."

    The other thing about Silent Lambs is that it's very... how do you say, "he said/ she said" once again. Since there is no "official" support of child molesters, you can't really "prove" that the WTS is supportive of pedophilia. That almost sounds retarded to say, cuz we all know that WTS doesn't condone pedophilia. You could say "tolerate" but again, no official wording on that. Officially, they say those will be destroyed... Another problem amongst ex JWs or "grew up JWs" is that usually there is this EMOTIONAL (albeit negative) connection to the religion of their parents, who may have been poor parents to begin with. Wouldn't matter what religion it was, instead of "properly" inculcating (or indoctrinating if you will) their kids, they force their kids to go to the meetings, say they're not "allowed" to do whatevers, so on so on. I've known probably a hundred of those kids who grew up with such a bad taste in their mouth, that as soon as a "silent lamb" documentary comes on 20/20 they are SO ready to jump and say "SEE! This isn't God's organization!!" Yeah, just like there aren't the occasional down syndrome kids in a batch... right! The exception is never the rule.

    It may seem to some that this doesn't hold any significance, but the difference between writing a book (and I'd still very much like to have a dialogue with Franz) about your PERSONAL experiences and getting a bunch of people on TV to tell the world how they were improperly touched is that it's that! Personal. Unsanctioned acts. Oh, sure, you could say, "Yeah, but the Elders never kicked him out!!" Look, the "Elders" are NOT WTS. Hell, even individual members of the GB are not WTS or Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Paul is not The Bible. Neither are any of the books individually. The point is you can't OBJECTIVELY condemn "the Organization" or "Slave" for things a few guys, head or peon, may have done, sexually or otherwise.

    Now this UN stuff, Blood stuff, doctrine flip flopping, THESE kinds of things hold more weight, in my opinion, because it's DOCTRINE or "LIGHT" or evidence, or lack thereof, of God's approval. (things that individuals in the organization do can't count - remember Solomon, David, Lot, Peter... the list goes on) So if you can video or audio record the way decisions are made, surely we could make a dent into the consciousness of the entire population of Lemmings. Or if you could get OFFICIAL documentation that proves some of these things. I'm not talking about some stupid scan on the internet, cuz, dudes... I've seen a LOT of stuff on the internet. Does it mean it's real? Of course not, there's photoshop. I'm not stupid enough to believe everything I read just cuz I hope it's true so that this damn religion ends and I can feel better about myself for rebelling against my parents and treating them badly as a teenager. If you want to leave there are ways to do it, shoot, I'm proof of that, and I've never disrespected my mother. My sister on the other hand, different story. She's the typical "grew up as a witness, hate IT and THEM altogether." She's the first to jump on the silent lambs bandwagon or believe any story that may come up -> yes, cuz she's got an ax to grind.

    Anyway, if you don't want to get in on this, that's fine. It's scary, most likely none of you are ninja material. I've read some posts and I see how a lot of you are scared and would rather hide behind the safety of a computer monitor. That's understandable. You're probably business men, Wal-Mart stockers, nurses, teachers, etc etc. This kind of thinking doesn't even enter your mind. And I suppose it's borderline terrorism. Oh well.

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