Silly things I wondered as a kid

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  • exwhyzee

    If God is like a loving father why did he set up a way for Adam and Eve to possibly fail by putting the "magic tree" in the garden? If my Dad sabotaged his kids this way or felt the need to test our love him he'd be considered an abusive father.

    When God put an angel with a spinning sword in front of the entrance to the garden why didn't A&E walk a few miles down from there and climb over the wall ? Was there a wall ?

    If someone as powerful and complex as God has always begining no end, no parents no siblings etc. Why is it so hard for Christians to accept the possibility that the earth and the planets always existed as well.

    If the PH levels change in my Salt Water Aquarium, even the slightest bit, the fish die. What happened to all the fish that depended on strictly fresh water or strictly salt water when the rains came and flooded the earth in Noahs day.

    Did all the worms and varieties of inscets that the earths eco systems depend upon live in drown under tons of water in the flood or did Noah have all of them on board too and if so how did they reproduce fast enough to get things going again in time for Noah to plant a garden.

    Where did the waters of the flood subside to if the whole earth was covered with water?

    Is there enough water in the atmosphere to flood the earth deep enough to cover of Mt. Ararat

  • mrsjones5

    You were a deep kid.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Will it hurt my 6 year old neighbor friend when she dies in Armageddon because she's a goat who celebrates Christmas?

    Don't my grade school mates know they are going to die soon in a really big fire and fall into cracks in the ground?

    Why does Hollywood use special effects for demonic movies when there are plenty of demons to use?

    Does that mean that demons don't exist?

    If Jehovah never even thought to have parents sacrifice their kids to Molech in a fire, then how come he sent fire to destroy everyone, including kids, in Sodom and Gomorah?

    Why would he use fire to kill all the kids at my school?

    Where did all the flood water go? There are just clouds in the sky. Shouldn't there be a water canopy since a lot of land is dry on earth?

    Why can we have baby showers when a baby is born but not have another one the next year (birthday party) when it needs new clothes and things?

  • exwhyzee

    How did Noah round up a Polar Bear, a Wallabee, a Platipus, a Penguin, a Kangaroo, an elk, a Hippo etc., from where he lived and get them into the Ark in time? Were alligators and other reptiles on the Ark since they need to be on land to lay their eggs?

    If I were to "give in" or fail while having my faith tested under torture during the tribulation, why would I be destroyed at Armegeddon and loose out on everlasting life which is the same punishment the person torturing me would get ?

    If the only way mankind could be saved was for Jesus to sacrafice or exchange his perfect life for the one Adam lost, why was it such a shock when they killed him. If they wouldn't have killed him, what would have happened?

    If I do get everlasting life and live for eternity, in 30 million years from now will I still think it would be fun to go to the Bahamas ? Will it be a big deal to be a concert pianist if everyone else is too?

  • BabaYaga

    Hearty welcome, ExWhyZee!

    If Jehovah is omnipotent, why did he need for Abraham to convince him of the possibility that there was a righteous man in Sodom? Wouldn't he already know that?

    What did Satan do that was worse than all the other creatures of the universe? He is called the "Father of the Lie", but even as a child, I knew of far, far more horrible things than lying. Why is he the most despised of all?

    Why were we told not to associate with disfellowshipped ones, but Jehovah could have long conversations (and even a "chess game" using Job and his family as pawns) with Satan? Why did Jesus sit and have a long discussion with Lucifer on the mount?

    If Jehovah is all powerful, why did he feel the need and demand blood sacrifices? Why did he send Jesus down just to die, couldn't he just say there was no need for sacrifices anymore? I mean, seriously, does that whole blood sacrifice demand make sense to ANYONE? Sounds like the demands of a petty child, to me...

  • exwhyzee

    I used to wear my Mom out while studying the Paradise Book.

    If celebrating halloween is demonic, how come none of the families on our block are demonized?

    John the Baptist's head was served up on a platter at a birthday party....does that mean we shouldn't celebrate birthdays or just not use platters?

    If people are going to die at Armageddon if they don't listen to our message at the door, wouldn't it be better not to tell them about it ?

  • BabaYaga

    ExWhyZee said:

    If people are going to die at Armageddon if they don't listen to our message at the door, wouldn't it be better not to tell them about it ?

    Wow! My husband, who has never been a Witness, once asked me this about the Witnesses!!! I love it! Logic is NOT their strong suit.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I also had the question about why Jehovah had to have someone go down to Sodom and Gomorah (two angels) to see if there was any good people there when he supposedly knew everything.

  • jwfacts

    They are not silly questions. I used to wonder about them too, and all are very valid. I guess the silly bit was having the right questions, but not understanding the implications of the answers.

  • Terry

    All of man's failing stem from lack.

    Man's lack is due to being created inferior to God.

    God could not tolerate peers.


    Would either Adam or Eve have desired knowledge had they already possessed it?

    There is something God, too, lacked.


    Knowing is not the same as experiencing.

    Until God created "other" minds with which to interact....God could not experience identity and individuality. We are, after all, defined as much by what we are not as by what we are.

    Ground and pattern. Foreground and background.

    Insecure might not He be? Too proud for others to be free of His mighty shadow?

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