Silly things I wondered as a kid

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    White Dove


    My god man, what a thinker you were as a child!

  • crapola

    I also had many of the same questions as a child and even now . For instance, why does Jehovah allow such suffering when he has the power to end it? It makes no sense!

  • exwhyzee

    I remember going on a hiking trip in the mountains with my family. There were warnings about bears and what to do if we encountered them. During the trip we stopped at a view of a mountain lake, my Mom (the witness parent) exclaimed that it was a loving Creator who cared for us so much that he provided all this beauty for our pleasure. Just think if he had made everything in black and white." I asked "But what about the bears....why would he make bears that want to eat us ? This was followed by a review of how the animals weren't always this way, but God had put the fear of man into them and in the new system they would eat grass etc. I wondered what the Bear claws and large fangs were for if not for killing. But I didn't want the discussion to go on forever.

  • exwhyzee


    My god man, what a thinker you were as a child!

    Not's just that I was I was continually presented with things that didn't need to know yet or that didn't make sense to me and was told that I would likely die if I didn't believe them. I never got to look into anyting or wonder or compare them to the different explainations out there. Everything you needed to know was in the publications.

    How many kids grow up believing that God is going to kill their unbelieving father any day. I did !

    How many 8 year old girls do you know who can raise their hand in a public meeting and discuss the spiritual significance of Circumcision? My Sisters could !

    They rubbed a lot of the shine off of my childhood but thankfully couldn't vanquish the joy of youth altogether.

  • serenitynow!

    I asked my mom, "who made jehovah?" She of course started talking about him having no beginning, no end, alpha & omega, etc. I was a little kid but I had been taught how everything had a beginning. Mom said that was true, but god has always been. I said something to the effect that that didnt make any sense and got hit in my mouth. Thats the way my mom liked to reason. Even now i told her i dont believe in god anymore, she was like "youre stupid, youre ignorant" sigh.

  • EmergedAsMe

    I had the same thoughts about beginings and "obviously there is a creator because eveything has a begining..." so where on earth did God come from, and what was his begining, and who was his creator? I use to imagine God as a child of some other giant universe and we were just his school science project... I kept that idea to myself though.

    How were the annointed choosen? The idea that they "just know" was completely unsatisfactory.

    Why did there seem to be no real love in the "true organization"? Why did no one seem that happy? Why of all the religious groups did God choose the JWs... ? (Not the WTS explanations... but truly why would he pick just one group?)

    Why did I have the misfortune of being born a JW and not get to have an objective look at what the WTS teaches without instantly falling into being n apostate (what I always thought was the unforgiveable sin)and going to die at A if I stray from "the truth"? In simple terms - why could I never have the chance to look at other points of view without my LIFE being at stake? It may not be the correct understanding, but for a long time I thought if you strayed by not believing certain doctrines etc and believed something else - that you could never come back to "Gods organization"so you could blow your whole favor with God forever by looking at anti WTS stuff (this was when I was quite young, I obviously got over it!!!)

    Why did I have to have the heavy weight of delivering the news of the worlds imminent destruction, while feeling like no matter what I did (and I was a good kid) I wouldn't make it through anyway? Was something wrong with me that I could not reconcile a God of love with one that wants to destroy everyone at A, and had done some pretty bad stuff (I thought this before I even knew about all the raping etc... God never seemed that loving to me).

    Bringing me to: Why did God seem to be like a bratty child? Give me attention, do things my way and I will be your friend, supposedly perfect but I need you to worship me and let me know all the time, your life is not your own but mine - how does that make life a free gift?

    And all the "true" Bible stories etc always seemed far fetched.

  • BabaYaga

    Hearty welcome, EmergedAsMe! What a great user-name!


  • techdotcom

    The story of the war on cannan always bothered me. The explanation I remember was that the isrealites would need to kill everyone, including babies, so that none of them could grow up to hate them and be a threat....

    I was never able to do more than shove that waaay back in my mind and try to ignore it. More and more I saw the actions of god in the bible as not the actions of an all powerfull and loving diety, but equivalent to a human ruler who needed to protect his power thru violence and fear.

    Then there is the example of Abraham and Issac. That one simply did not make sense to me and I simply accepted it without reason. Now that I have children I can only say that I am disgusted every time I hear that story as an example of 'faith'. If god exists and wants my kid dead...well he can do the dirty work himself. Otherwise he can go screw himself and his stupid insecure tests. Seriously can anyone say that if they hear of a modern human being doing what Abraham almost did, would they think he/she was faithful or a seriously mentally ill or evil person?

    I remember praying wholeheatedly once when I was about 10 or 11. I asked to simply see what was true. I wanted to be able to ignore assumptions and trusted authority and simply see what was in front of me.... I was also strong willed and made myself be as humble as I could and 'wait on Jehovah'

    Be careful what you wish for, I would never choose to be ignorant and unthinking agian, but honestly sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who can ignore what is in front of their face and simply be happy without reason....

  • tec

    You were a deep kid.

    Mrs. Jones, you took the words out of my mouth!


  • StAnn

    My questions were simpler. If the Israelites were going to a land flowing with milk and honey, wouldn't it be full of flies? What if they were lactose intolerant or diabetic? Was there anything else to eat? Would they all have to trained to milk cows and be beekeepers? What if you don't like milk or honey?

    Even at an early age, I was a "foodie."


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