The Debate: Do JW's Need Respect?

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  • wonderwoman77

    I believe that we should treat all humans with some amount of something. I cannot really say respect, because I do not respect some people from the things I have seen them do, both JW and non JWs. So for me respect is about the individual, not a whole org. I do not think I hate JW as a whole. I knew many JW that thought they were doing the right thing. And that is fine, but I also know JW that did it because their family told them to, or they were afraid of what would happen if they left. They should follow their heart.



  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    there seems to be an ongoing perception that the people who run cults are EVIL.
    I recall here in Oz about 3 years ago there was an expose on TV about a cult that was engaging in terrible mind manipulation.
    The leader of the group was trying to defend himself.
    It was obvious to me that he was deeply distressed because the TV interviewer kept taking an adversarial stance, a polarized position, and kept calling him an evil man.
    Ive never forgotten it.
    The guy running the cult didnt think he was a bad person. But the media keep painting it that way.
    Calling someone evil, is a simple, packed explanation that dumbos watching TV can understand.Even the TV interviewer doesnt understand the phenomena.
    "Evil man" is a simple explanation for him too...

    (Mind, am I drifting off your line here? its your thread pal)

  • Mindchild

    Hey...just letting everyone know that I'm waiting for Tim to lay out his arguement first and then I will do mine.

    You all got to rise when Judge Venice comes in the room.


  • Satanus


    What i find confusing, is the fact that when we rail against the wt, its policies and jws to a certain extent, we are railing against what we have all been at one time and i have been for the largest part of my life. I learn from therapy groups that to reject any parts of ourselves is mentally unhealthy, leading to stress and other mental problems. And so my attacks have almost always been on ideas and not people.

    Maybe many of us have a type of love/hate relationship toward jws. Maybe the removal of the shunning practice would remove the hate part.

    Maybe jws should be respected as sick people are respected. Jws are mentally sick, but the question could be raised, who isn't mentally unwell to some extent?

    I believe freedom of religion is an essential that must be protected. Govt should not get involved in regulating religion. But what i think govt should do, is make proselytizing illegal or at least strictly controlled by means of permits and liscences.

    There is a lot of truth to the illustration that as long as people want illegal drugs, there will be drugs pushers. As long as needy uninformed people are willing to take easy outs, not taking/having the time to investgate, religions/movements/politics like the wt will exist. The world has bad/harmful/abusive elements becuase human nature makes/allows it. And so, human nature must be further uplifted through education and inspiration theough various means. The american founding fathers had confidence that, given enough information and freedom, human nature would choose to do the right thing. The internet in general, and sites like this one are key in the spread of informations that innoculate people against exploitation.

    I say the need out there is more freedom and more quality information.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Govt not regulate religion, but ban proselytizing.?
    You seem to be of the opinion that dubs recruit their membership from the door to door work. Somehow I suspect this is (largely) not the case.Id be willing to bet that their recruitment growth comes from personal contact at work, thru families etc.
    Thus banning preaching achieves zip.

    I have no proof for the position I take, so could well be in error.

    How in hell do you hand out preaching licences, and stamp out shunning without Government regulations?

  • Satanus


    You are likely right about recruitment through casual contact at work and of course family. How can this possibly be stopped? I don't think it can be. My parents were sucked in through door to door calls. I, of course got it from my parents.

    BTW did you get my email?


  • Satanus


    The more you demand the govt to do for you, the more it will take away your freedoms. It is a matter of putting trust in a human org, just like we did w the wt. The US is already headed in the direction of a police state, why spead that up?


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Actually, my folks were recruited on the doors as well.
    However, of the 5 lots of people THEY recruited into the Truth, only 1 was thru door to door contact. The rest were personal contact. so...

    Got your E mail. Nothing happening here at the moment, when it does, I will inform...

  • seven006


    Main Entry: enigĀ·ma
    Pronunciation: i-'nig-m&, e-
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin aenigma, from Greek ainigmat-, ainigma, from ainissesthai to speak in riddles, from ainos fable
    Date: 15th century
    1 : an obscure speech or writing
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    I'm right, your wrong and you will see that when you die. How do I know that? Well, So and So says in Bob's holy law chapter twooty tow Verse a bazillion and four that..........

    I love this stuff. What a perpetual marketing plan to make you look good and me bad. If there is a god I'm sure he/she/it is feeling like he just farted in a crowded elevator about now. How embarrassed he/she/it must be to look down/up/sideways and see us all trying to kill each other with our theoretical kindness. What a terrific game we all play in our personal attempts to fit our square lives into this round planet.

    I especially love the part where each little religious group takes credit for claiming basic human kindness as an exclusive concept to their particular guess about what life is all about. Basic human kindness is not dependent on any religious theology. It stays the same and remains the property of any individual who chooses to show it and receive it regardless of whether they are religious or not. It is the philosophy of religion when taken to a fanatic extreme that causes the opposite of human kindness in the way of human suffering.

    Like many other fanatic religious sects of all the world religions the JW's are a sect of Christianity whether they want to believe it or not. They have taken the Christian religion to the level of fanaticism by their mixing the teachings of love and hate together. Love what we tell you to love and hate what we tell you to hate and don't ask any questions or you'll die.

    In that regard I do not respect the JW religion one bit, nor do I any person who thinks that they are absolutely right about the concept of god. No one can absolutely prove anything in this regard and if they think they can they are only fooling themselves.

    Sermon over now I'm going to make myself a nice drink.

    Take care,


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