Are you bitter?

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Bitter? No, not anymore. I still, however, become angry when I read about the pain that is constantly inflicted on good people who want nothing more than to serve God and help their fellow human beings.

    Yes, there are those JWs who seem to be more intent on contemplating billions of rotting corpses while they gleefully ransack all the material goods they feel they will be owed for making such great sacrifices now. Those tend to be the JWs who are happy as JWs.

    JWs who become bitter and leave are those, IMO, who genuinely care about others and who are very affected by the gross abuses they see occurring in "God's" organization.

    Coming here to vent, bitch, scream and eventually heal is a good thing. No one should be denied this.

  • larc


    I am not judging your emotions or any one else's. You have the right to have any emotion you want to have. I do hope that my relative tranquility will give you a ray of hope. There are other old time posters here who also have pretty much gotten over it.

    I would suggest that you go to search at the top of this page and find a thread, entitled, "ten nutty beliefs." You might find it useful. If so, you might post a comment there to bring it back up on the most active list.

  • SixofNine

    I'm salty and sweet.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango


  • LDH

    I'm mostly over it. Until I think of my family and the mental prison they're being held in.

    And bitter wouldn't really be the correct word when I think of them. 'Seething' and 'venomous' would describe it.

    Wasn't it Focus who once called me a She-bear, LOL?


  • waiting

    hello bitter mango,

    It's amazing what we type when a nerve is hit, isn't it? I'm sorry about your childhood lost.....shouldn't happen, but it does - a lot. Glad you can size up the situation - you're dad watched? So did mine. Lol to some people - warped. "Get over it." Right......

    The WTBTS experience is kinda like that to some people. Our children are sometimes raped.....get over it, just imperfect men. We deny ourselves basics such as schooling, sometimes health insurance, a standard of life which isn't scraping, and then find out ..... it's a stupid con!

    Yeah, bitterness can be our buddy. But it gets better. Then freedom becomes a visitor, then new friends, school.....damn! life's getting pretty darned good! Of course, then we die - but that's another thread.

    But that's the beauty of this forum - we can express it - and others, who have BEEN THERE -understand and usually allow room.

    It does get better, much better.


  • flower


    very saddened to hear about your painful past life but i am glad you are past it and doing ok. you're right it will never fully go away but if you can learn to live happy and keep it in the background then thats the best you can hope for. thats my longterm goal.

    take care,


  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    (((waiting and flower))) thanks.

    flower, good for you, i hope you achieve your goal! this board is a good place to vent and find support. many people here can help you work towards your goal. i'm glad you found this place !

    waiting, i'm glad you stick around this place !

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Uncle Jimbo... Take a breath there buddy.

    First of all how can I be one of two things when you listed three?
    1 Troll: I don't even know what that means...(yes i live under a bridge)
    2 Seriously ignorant: I don't think so go back and read what you wrote. You can't even reply to my thread with out saying FUCK. now thats SERIOUSLY IGNORANT...
    3 Never been a JW: My whole famley (both sides) are JWs. Have been for generations...

    You and me both know you wernt out selling books. Did someone hold a gun to you head and make you "sell books" get baptizd? ECT ECT....

    So are you going to spend the next 22 years dwelling on it?
    About shoving books up my ass. I guess well just go back to point #2 see above...


    Thoughtless question are you bitter?
    I guess you are...
    You can catch more flys with honey then vineger...

  • flower


    i think this last post by Rolling should tell you whether you were right or wrong in your assesment of his feelings on this matter. hes just plain cruel.

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