Are you bitter?

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  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Is it just me, or is "everyone" on this board bitter?

    I do know alot of happy JWs and, I could not see them being anything else but JWs...

    This is just my take on what I have been reading on the boards sence I joined up...

  • unclebruce

    we're trapped here in this netherworld of ghosts, gouls, trolls and zombies .. it's too late for us rolling rock .. run away .. save yourself .. before you get fluffed with bitter moss

  • SpinDoctor
    Is it just me, or is "everyone" on this board bitter?

    From what I am able to discern from lurking on this site, the apparent bitterness seems to be caused by a variety of problems in various individuals personal lives.

    Why so many would seem to get problems all at the same time is a puzzle to me. Perhaps it is the general collapse of the worldwide economy, and the fear generated by the WTC incident. There is often general unrest in a population when a country’s economy has hit rough times. Since the whole world is in an economic slump, it is not surprising that people from many different countries are edgy. Add to that the recent concerns about terrorism.

    I suspect that the contention shown on this board is temporary. I trust the good-heartedness, integrity and intellect of the board members. I predict that in time this problem will rectify itself. I cannot predict how long it will be until that happens.

  • larc

    Mr. Rolling,

    No I am not bitter. Actually, I am a little salty. I have been out for a very long time and most of it is behind me. Now, if I have a rolling rock from Latrobe, Pa., I am a happy man. I am a man of simple needs. Please read my threads on (1) vegetables, (2) fruits, and (3) cats and tell me if you think I am bitter.

  • GoldDustWoman

    Me? Bitter?

    No way. I'm as sweet as they come.


  • Ivor Hope
    Ivor Hope

    Why should I be bitter?

    I never tried hard at school because there was no point....the new system was to be here in 1975.
    I didn't pursue further education because this would have given me worldly influences.
    I didn't go out and enjoy myself as a teenager because I would have become a promiscuous drug addict and in all probability contracted some indescribable sexually transmitted disease.
    I didn't have any friends other than JW's who immediately turned their backs on me when I began to express doubts, because bad association spoils useful habits.
    I didn't pursue a career because 75 was just aropund the corner and I needed to Pioneer.
    I didn't encourage my children toward academic excellence but guided them also down the Pioneer route, so that they too have to struggle now for a good life.
    I have no pension to look forward to, because why on earth would I need a pension when the end was coming in '75, or "soon" whenever you ask the question.
    I have spent my whole life devoted to an organisation that was founded on the beliefs of a man who based his prophecies of the end of the world on the measurements of the corridors and chambers of the Great Pyramid of Gizah, and who was followed by an egotistical alcoholic who's greatest achievement was to fool this organisation into building him a mansion in California where only he lived and supplied him with 2 Cadilacs - all at the height of the great depression!!
    I have been tricked, conned and lied to all my life by an organisation falsely claiming to represent the God I wanted to worship and who's leaders, under oath in a Scottish court, admitted they published FALSE PROPHECY!

    Why the hell should I be bitter?

  • Gopher

    I wouldn't describe myself as bitter.

    Let down.

    I cannot believe how the elders treated me and the flock, and how unloving the organization turned out to be. I really want to believe it is the "loving worldwide brotherhood" it says it is, but I can't. I've seen over the years way too much evidence to the contrary.

    I am very disappointed in the WT Society and most of its leadership. NO honesty, no candor, no humility, no real help.

    I feel like a void has been opened up in life due to applying their teachings, and there's no going back to childhood and starting over.

    GopherWhy shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense.
    Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  • libra_spirit

    I think we all get bitter if we dwell on the things that we have no control or choice about.
    I get more bitter every year that my older brother and his family shunn and ignore me. But I really have no control over this, so now and again I must force myself to look for other magical things in life. The things that light me up and renew my Spirit. If we spend our efforts seeking the things that our soul is crying out for, we light up and become vibrant and loving. Life is exciting when we embrace our freedom with curiosity and responsibility.
    For me bitterness comes in cycles, then it passes for other things in life, then returns. Each time around it changes. This last cycle I truly believed that I could somehow change the JW's by speaking out, but finally I am at a total loss and have given up trying. In the giving it up I have felt a great release. Finally I just have to realize that it is not my responsibility to change these things. But I can still speak out with my story, and my expierences, that is all anyone can do really. The world will change very slowly as it has for thousands of years, but each person can change very quickly when they decide it is time.

  • zerubberballs
    I think we all get bitter if we dwell on the things that we have no control or choice about.

    That's a powerful sentence you got there libra_spirit. If we all learned to live by that we wouldn't let the spin doctors manipulating the television news tug our emotions or have half the fights we do on this board. I think not worrying about things we have no power to change is a key to personal happiness.

    The past is the past, everyday's a bonus, let's enjoy it. Eat, drink and be merry for tommorrow we'll be pushing up daisies .. that's the theory anyway

    cheers, unclebruce

  • closer2fine

    Not bitter, well maybe a little, just when I learn of more abuses by the borg. Mainly I post here for fun and to keep up to date with the borg (My family is still in)


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