Are you bitter?

by rolling rock 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • Erich

    rolling rock:

    Yes I am bitter.
    And depressed.
    You should not ask why.
    Read all my postings o this board.
    Read all the other postings.
    that explains all...

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    i'm bitter

    nice to see you chad

  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo
    DWELL.... Mybe thats the word I should have used.

    It just seems to me that "some" people on the board are always just looking for something to bitch about... Thats fine...

    you are one of two things:
    1) a troll
    2) seriously ignorant
    3) never been a JW

    I spent my fucking childhood (through age 22) selling books.
    I had no fun as a child because I was to concentrate on selling books!
    Books books books. reb books, green books, blue books, grey books. Big books, little books, but mostly 192 page books.

    you're welcome to DWELL on the book I'll shove up you ass for making such a dumb statement.


  • TR

    I'm bitterly angry with the WTS for screwing with my life and family for over ten years. When it comes to the WTS, yes I'm bitter, but I have to share the blame. When it comes to my life since I left, things couldn't be better.


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • larc


    How long have you been out. I started leaving at the age of 23, got heavily involved in a college education, moved out of town, and got a good job. Most of my adult life I have been happy as a clam. Maybe some day you will be too.

    Are you mad at people here too because they see the world differently than you do? Just curious.

  • flower

    and you should learn to think before you ask a thoughtless question like you did. you dont know enough about anyone to say whether they should be bitter or not.

    ugh, forget it. you arent even worth the time i'm wasting typing this.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    people, i know rolling, and i don't think it was his intention to cause an uproar. maybe it just hurts him to see so many people being hurt and fucked over by this 'religion'. i know that many of you are bitter and angry, and with good cause, and sometimes i too want to ask 'what's wrong guys?! don't let them fuck your life up anymore than they already have. just be happy.' ... but then i realize i've never been a JW, i've never had to deal with the kind of pain and hurt you all have. i haven't dealt with the same kinds of losses. i understand you guys are pissed off. i think that's totally okay. but it still makes me sad to see all my pals like this. i think maybe, that's what rolling meant. i could be wrong, and i should have stayed out of this late, pushing 'submit' now...

    p.s. i love you all. many of you have taught me much about life and living - things i would have never known unless i met you. i have the most respect for you guys for getting out of this and for having strength and courage...thanks for letting me a be a little part of your life. and a special thanks to all those who have encouraged me to talk to my JW family members about getting out. *hugs to all on this board*

  • flower


    with all due respect, his posts sure dont sound like some one who cares or is saddened by seeing us in pain.

    i'm glad you qualified your post by saying that you have never been a jw because trust me no matter how much you hang around x jw's and no matter how much research you do on the subject you will never know what its like unless you live it. and i'm not talking living it for a few years. spend your entire life in a fucking cult and see if you are singing the same "whats wrong, just be happy" tune. i'm not mad at you but just stating a fact. i may not know his background or anything about him but either he is extremely uninformed about the things we have been through or he is extremely insensitive and cruel.

    are we bitter?! i mean what the hell kind of question is that? just asking such a thing is a sign of arrogance and ignorance.

    (should have stayed out of the tread also..wish i had)

  • larc


    Did you read my comments? As I said, I am happy as a clam. I am not bitter. Anyone can be bitter for awhile, but they don't have to be bitter for the rest of their life.

  • flower

    I'm glad your not bitter anymore larc. good to see that its possible to overcome.

    doesnt make my feelings of anger and sadness or anyone else's feelings of bitterness or depression any less valid though.

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