The Secret is out....but nobody cares

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  • Magnum
    the comet: Your opening post describes witnesses in liberal, urban environments, which is exactly where I live. As someone who is still physically in, I can tell you, witnesses here don't know and don't care about doctrine. Sure we have a few zealots like you said but most are just social witnesses. So I totally see and agree with what you're saying. However I grew up in a rural, conservative environment, and witnesses there are completely different. When I go back to visit family, it's like going back in a time machine. The people there, for the most part, take the "truth" very seriously.

    I think you and cappytan have sort of cleared up the issue for me. I was wondering why MrTheocratic was seeing what he was when I was seeing something different. But now I realize that it's probably because he lives in a liberal area and I live in a relatively small city in a conservative area. I'm seeing JWs who are 100% believers. They don't understand it all, but they just assume that the GB and the other top dogs are so smart that they must be right.

  • MrTheocratic

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome

    Violias I in no way was trying to be disrespectful. I think you misunderstand me. I to was a staunch believer up until about 5 years ago. I truly believed that the Watchtower spoke for God himself.

    I knew some who where in just for social and other reasons and it was these ones who I just could not understand. ..... why did they not have the same zeal and enthusiasm for the truth I had? Did they not see the urgency of our times?

    I have made many sacrifices for this movement. But as time went on the facts no longer could be hidden. The elephant in the room was getting bigger and bigger. I would venture to say that the elephant was in the room when your ancestors were in the truth, but you could find something to cover it.

    Now that elephant has outgrown the room.

    No we were not stupid. We just wanted to serve God


    They don't understand it all, but they just assume that the GB and the other top dogs are so smart that they must be right.....Magnum

    There are probably some that don`t agree with it all..But..They go along to get along..

    I`ve met so many Loyal WBT$ JW`s just like that..

    If it`s wrong so what?!......Jehovah will fix it........Wait on Jehovah..

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    This has been a generally excellent thread. It has pointed out many of the "hidden" facts about modern-day Jehovah's Witnesses. For most of the "faithful" it has become more of a cultural lifestyle rather that a religion that they absolutely believe in without question.

    The "active" ones that I have met are generally well informed about the history of the Watchtower and they know that they are mostly living a lie. But most of the older Witnesses feel they have no place else to go and no desire to move on to something else. They know the Society is flawed and much of it is just made-up bullshit, but their response to that is the typical, "what other religion is more correct?"

    They have truly become the equivalent of modern Jews. Yes, there are isolated pockets of super-Jews like the Hassidics, who go overboard and basically do what JWs do - bring their kids up to be like them and then shun them if they leave. "You don't wear the black clothes, the funny hat and the curly sideburns? Out with you!"

    So the kids grow up to be like their parents even though they know it is all just part of their culture, not TRUTH about God or life or even their own history.

    My own exposure to modern JWs has mostly proven that husbands stay in because of their wives and parents - wives stay in because of their husbands and parents and friends. Children stay in because they have no where else to go - even though they know that one or both of their parents really don't buy the whole package.

    Thanks to my websites I get many inquiries from readers who identify themselves as JWs. Some of these inquiries are to verify something that I have written or they have read somewhere else (JWs are really quite limited as far as access to old literature and historic documentation.) "Can you send me a PDF of the WT or Awake! magazine that said [1975 would see Armageddon, for example] or the MP3 of the brother who said "stay alive 'til '75!"

    The fact is that most JWs have heard about these things, but are reluctant to go search for the truth themselves. I think many of them are afraid that they might really find out the truth and then realize they have wasted their lives serviing the Watchtower - but again, where would they go and is it worth losing their families over it all?

    While the blood doctrine, the protection of pedophiles, and the whole when the hell is Armageddon coming doctrine are subjects that we should be critical about - the priority that I see that will really lead to both an exodus and a full exposure of the evil of the Watchtower is to attack the practice of shunning. Disfellowshipping and disassociation - bleh! Leave those as they are - who cares? But forced and extreme shunning should be the focus and hammered constantly. There are movements in the UK and Europe toward banning extreme shunning, especially involving family members, and they seem to be making some headway.

    If we can make even a dent in that horrific practice by publicizing it and using it to embarrass the Watchtower and its leaders, then we could see hundreds more JWs pack their book bags and hit the exit doors.


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    So honestly I'm split on this. I am still connected through friends and family, and I was certainly at one point the local golden boy and in the "inner circle". There are people I know that very much are as Mr Theocratic described (great name btw). I have a couple friends who basically believe its nonsense, and have even said as much. But they still play the game.

    As a JW apologist I used to assert something I still think is true to an extent. EVERYONE sits int he KH with varying degrees of faith in this or that, one thing or another. One person thinks blood is BS, another thinks the generation teaching is ridiculous, and maybe someone else is there because the people are nice and its all they know and don't really have a basis of faith. All of those things are true. Everyone, has "doubts" about things. That to me isn't surprising. But beyond the occasional complaint, they nod their heads and still kind of do their own thing unless a large amount of social pressure comes on.

    So I don't know if I can subscribe to the idea that there is a turning of the tide so to speak with these things coming down recently. People know I no longer attend, and many have remained friendly, invited us out, and more. They throw in a few things here and there sometimes. Little jabs to try to bring me back. Its mainly funny. But it reveals them as true believers. I still think this is the vast majority. The people that have seen the strings on the puppet show maybe complain or have knowledge they feel may be special, but what is important is what you DO, not what you THINK.

    that is true of all of us too. At one point i realized what I was DOING, was hypocrisy even if I personally was out mentally. So I changed my behavior to not support even by attendance or anything ancillary, the organization.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2
    Oh and Welcome. I'm in CA. Pretty liberal. I had a family member get high with a young elder here. No kidding.
  • LisaRose

    Welcome to the forum. I have been out a long time, fifteen years, so I don't have any idea what is going on with individuals in the organization, but it wouldn't surprise me if many are having doubts like what you are seeing. I also think it could be a regional thing, as I live in California and in my experience JWs were different than JWs in more conservative states.

    I think many JWs are in a state of cognitive dissonance. On one level they still believe, but they also see and believe things that contradict those beliefs. One indication that a person has a faith that is weakening is their zeal in the field ministry. Supposedly this is life saving work, a core belief and a requirement to be approved by God and live through Armageddon. If a JW does a token hour or two on Saturday, and most of that spent knocking at the doors of empty houses, driving around or on coffee breaks, then that is a indicator that they actually don't believe everything taught by the Watchtower. I think most JWs fall into this category.

    I think they stay because they still believe it's a good way of life, they don't want to loose family, they don't like change or some combination of those things. A person could go on for quite a while in a state of cognitive dissonance, coasting along as a JW. It's only when they reach a crisis point for some reason that they may be motivated to leave. Either the cognitive dissonance becomes to much, or they are mistreated by the elders or other witnesses, or some other life crisis.

  • JakeM2012
    Welcome Mr. T, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the religion. I'm traveling home to see a few family members, NOT ALL, but I know the discussion is going to come up about my inactivity in the JW busy work. I hope what you say is accurate.
  • HowTheBibleWasCreated
    The facts are that many JW elders know all this... but because most are 60+ and have nowhere to go... well they do it anyway...
  • violias

    No we were not stupid. We just wanted to serve God (MT)

    thank you.

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