The Secret is out....but nobody cares

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  • cappytan

    I think there are areas that are like what MrTheo describes. Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.

    I live in a state that is a bastion for conservatism, and I truly believe that an environment like that makes people more religious and makes the JWs more intense in their beliefs.

    I would venture to guess that Magnum lives in a more conservative area of the country and that MrTheocratic lives in a predominantly liberal part of the country.

  • hoser
    People who don't believe but pretend to perpetuate the problem. Observers see a "spiritually strong" jw and not the faker that he or she really is. It may delay some from waking up.
  • millie210

    That is true hoser. But it makes me wonder if once the dominoes start to fall - LOOK OUT!

    A rather mass exodus could occur. What do you think?

  • Magnum
    millie210: what I am going by is just a "feeling" in the air

    I think it's OK to do that. That general feeling can, I believe, be an accurate indicator. My interest is in the overall general feeling. The general feeling you get is interesting to me and I get it, too. I wish some of the other regular posters who have a lot of experience with JWdom would post their observations so we can see if there is a consensus of opinion.


    I agree that there is a lot of fake service, but I've been complaining about that for 30 years. I think there has always been a significant percentage of JWs who are half-hearted and weak and just go through the motions. Their mindset does not really matter to me. The mindsets I'm interested in are those of JWs who are reasonably intelligent and knowledgeable and who were around in or are at least familiar with the old days. I'd love to know what they are thinking.

    Other people who have always been what I consider more of the "thinkers" like Magnum mentioned above, are leaving the mainstream Witnesses and moving to alternate forms. Sign language is big. So is foreign language. I would say 1/4 of the used to be population of our Hall has migrated in to that. Is it because it is more grass roots in feel and therefore reminds them of the earlier days in the Org.?

    That is interesting. I still find myself longing at times for the "earlier days in the org" when it all seemed so real and exciting and I felt safe and had a hope.

    That kind of addresses the question I have about the thinkers. I wonder to what extent they miss the earlier days and are now troubled by the situation in JW land.


    What do you all think about the general attitude toward JWdotORG, the revised NWT, the GB, JWTV, all the animated stuff, etc. What about all the JWdotORG pins, stickers, signs, and paraphernalia? Hasn't it been indicated on this site many times that many JWs have enthusiastically accepted all of it? What about all the videos from this past summer of the international convention hype?

    I think that the make-up of JWdom is changing. It seems that almost no more thinkers are coming in and the ones already in are questioning/doubting. JWs overall are becoming more naive and gullible and less intelligent and knowledgeable.

    So I guess that summarizes how I feel about the point of this thread. I agree that there are questions/doubts among the few thinkers, but i think those thinkers are in the minority. The masses just seem to accept it all and are blind followers.

  • Magnum
    cappytan: I would venture to guess that Magnum lives in a more conservative area of the country and that MrTheocratic lives in a predominantly liberal part of the country.

    Good point. You're right about me. I live in a conservative area. JWs here are not extremely educated, they love and almost idolize the GB, they love JWdotORG, they are largely ignorant of their own doctrine, they are clueless about JW history, etc., and that includes elders and pioneers.

  • hoser

    That is true hoser. But it makes me wonder if once the dominoes start to fall - LOOK OUT!

    A rather mass exodus could occur. What do you think?

    if the organization tightened the screws just a little bit more there would be a huge exodus. At the moment it can still be a religion of convenience. Show up to enough meetings to be visible, do the same for field service and don't express your true feelings and you can stay in the club.

    Now on the other hand if the org demanded that everyone be a pioneer or started mandatory tithing then you would see people leave in droves.

  • MrTheocratic

    I think (and this is from my observation) that this organization has cried wolf to many times for many of its members to ignore, even the hardliners. I caution all to not assume that just because one may appear to be fully in that they really are not deep inside having serious doubts. Many I talk to and observe are not buying all this happy 100 year talk. They realize its just a screen to mask a bigger problem.

    Just think about it like this ...if all are buying into all of this hype why has meeting attendance dwindled, why are so many depressed, and why the drastic need to rebrand the organization.

    Most of you have commented how the jw's of today are not the same as before. I believe and see that this is due to a lake of faith in what they are being told.

  • MrTheocratic

    I live in a liberal area

  • clarity

    MrTheocratic .........great to have you here, your thoughts are refreshing actually!

    Being "believer" for many decades & having put my lot in & faith in this so called organization............ I have really felt let down & betrayed, not just by WT, but by finding out a great many members were just pretending all along. While we were not planning ahead, not saving money, not sending our kids to college find out that "the smart ones" were looking out for themselves, investing in everything of this world!!!! Boy did I feel let down & so very DUMB!

    So while I am glad for all these people who quietly do their own thing while looking so piously JW ......I now feel even more determined to expose this stinking organization for what it really is and does to people!

    Hope you stay with us.


  • DJS

    Mr T.

    Welcome to the site. I pity the fool who has to remain an elder after learning the truth about the Borg. (sorry, I just had to make the most obvious Mr. T reference).

    Seriously though, how do you do it? Once I was sick of the control and the lack of love it was impossible to remain an elder. Good luck to you; you are a better man than I.

    We all have lots of questions I am certain. Do you believe there will be a spike in those exiting after 2014 similar to those exiting after 1975? Do you believe the Dark Lords will change policy re: DFing?? This topic is probably the most recurring, for obvious reasons.

    Do you think the Borg is suffering financially as it would appear to be, O&M costs at least, based on recent org. changes, etc.?

    Do you think the Cubs will ever will the World Series?

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