The Secret is out....but nobody cares

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  • vinman
    That is a good point Magnum. 1995 seems like yesterday to me when the generation understanding changed. But in reality, it was a long time ago! It was my 1925! The newer ones may never know how "sure" we were. How many built their lives on it. That explains why new ones can come in and accept everything.
  • millie210

    After reading Faye's comment I agree - for now.

    I think the internet is going to be the great equalizer that may change that though.

  • FayeDunaway

    GO INTERNET!! Thank you al gore!! Haha

    lets hope so.

  • MrTheocratic

    Magnum what you say has some merit but let me say that their are more who have serious doubts then you realize. Just because they may talk a certain way and act a certain way doesn't mean anything. If we were to meet I'm almost positive you would not suspect me of being a doubter. Remember Ray Franz had serious doubts about 1914 but he keeper in line.

    Some are keeping in line. Not rocking the boat. Because for many... there's no need to rock the boat. They have their jobs, family, homes and other toys. Some even have respected positions in the organization that makes them like little gods. "Who cares if it's not the truth , it's still a respectable way of life".

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Mr. Theo. I think you're your viewpoint about the mentality of most JW's is spot on. They view it more as "just something they do, or as a "good way of life". Many don't view the GB as having any sort of special communication with God or knowledge about the future and have no intention of making a life and death choice when it comes to JW conscience issues. Others are using the congregation or organization as a social network or as a refuge from the realities of life. As the song says. "every form of refuge has it's price" In this case the price is sitting year after year through mind numbing meetings and assemblies and pretending to go along, just so you can be part of a group.

    My older, brother ( a regular door knocker, regular meeting attender and big time spewer of all the usual JW euphemisms ) admitted to me that he thinks most JW's, including himself, are pretty much playing the "just in case" game. They are hedging their bets by keeping a toe in the door and keeping their mouths shut about any doubts or disagreements they have. Each one thinking the other is genuine and none of them being honest about anything.

  • Magnum

    OK, Mr Theocratic. It's an interesting conversation. I guess we'll just keep watching and see how it all develops. This is one of the main reasons I come to this site - to try to find out the current mindset, etc. of JWs. Please keep us informed of your observations.

    I really believe you. I just know how it is in my area. There are some really gullible people around here who don't even understand their own teachings and never did - even when they made more sense. But I'll keep an open mind. I'd love for you to spend a few weeks around here and then let me know how you think the JWs here compare to the ones in your area.

  • ABibleStudent
    Welcome MrTheocratic, There are many threads on JWN that write about JWs being JWs for social and family reasons and not for WTBTS doctrine. I hope that the trend continues and that JWs critically think for themselves more and more. Maybe one day they will just decide to stop donating money to the WTBTS, or better yet stand-up to the elders and GB.
    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,
  • Crazyguy
    I agree to a point, but there are still plenty that believe all the crap, young ones, desperate old ones, and then there the masses that are plain stupid because the Borg told their parents they don't need and education. You could see the delusion at last years DC where they had banners all up and talking that the end was so near. Also you could see how they could be so easily worked up. Bottom line is there still a lot of them that are just plain delusional.
  • happy@last
    [email protected]
    Welcome Mr T, an encouraging first post. When I was in it was stressed you must be whole hearted and even then you might not make it through the big A. Is that different now? Will token service get you through? I couldn't reconcile how half hearted ones thought they'd make it, I was all in, now I'm all out!
  • galaxie
    Welcome mr theo'..Interesting post and observations. My open question would be ..given that many jws are now seeing that nooo light is no more than the latest prop after many pit collapses but continuing to ' ride the wave ' , what is the point of the organisation given that many ex jw family members who have learned ttatt still suffer because of those who just remain within because they think it's a respectable way of life. Surely thats a contradictory position ?

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