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  • MrTheocratic

    I've been looking on this site for some time but never posted. So Hello to all. I'll give a little about myself, but not too much. I'm a ex-bethelite ( brooklyn )and currently serving as an elder (10 years) (thinking about stepping down) on the service committee. That's all for now. But as time goes on I will reveal more and about my story of why I ended up here.

    But I did want to at least give my thoughts of the current thinking of many in the congregations. Many on this forum believe that many of the wittnesses are blindly following after what the watchtower tells them. But I don't see it quite that way. From what I see and hear many feel that the G.B. have no clue of when the end is coming and they do not think these men are Gods. Many I talk to including those considered "strong in the truth", have made up there minds that they will not see the end in there lifetime. So they live there lives accordingly.

    Of course you have the occasional zealot, but many are NOT fully investing in every word coming from the watchtower. Many of the "friends" know about the failed prophesy and other scandals that are featured on this site, but they don't really care. To them being apart of this movement is just an insurance policy. ... "I'll pay a little bit and if something happens I'm covered, but if nothing happens I didn't spend that much anyway". It seems to me the ones who get hurt from this movement the most are those who put all their savings into this insurance policy. Because when nothing happens they are left with nothing.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Welcome to the forum MrTheocratic.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    Well said.... welcome...
  • Magnum

    Hey. Interesting. Thanks for the inside info. I've been really wondering what JWs are thinking. I'd love to be able to have some open, honest conversations with some.

    I think that the ones you refer to are the smarter ones. Most of the JWs in my area have lower than average intelligence and knowledge, and they're gulllible. It seems that they believe it all and virtually worship the GB. There are, however, two smart, knowledgeable, normal brothers in my area (one elder, one former elder) who have both expressed concerns to me.

    So, I believe what you're saying, but again, I think the ones you refer to are probably thinkers. Please hang around and share more. I'm thirsty for insight and info. Also, I'd love to hear more of your story.

  • millie210

    Welcome Mr Theocratic!

    Your post is very encouraging in the sense that it gives me hope.

    I get the sense that the grip is slipping for the Org but it is really helpful to see others state that too.

    Glad you posted. I cant wait to read more of your story.

  • Magnum
    Me again. Just wanted to say that I agree with millie210 about your post giving hope. I kind of got excited when I read it.
  • vinman
    I have just recently (about 4 months ago), found TTATT. I'm 45. Was baptized at 13. Have done it all. What you are saying is the real truth! Many just don't want to make waves. They put in"token" service. Very few are absolutely dedicated. No one. And I mean no one, is even slightly believing the generation new light. Unlike the generation that will not pass away nonsense, which did cause some excitement, this is a dudd. So many youth and older ones are going to college. It is a new generation. Kids and adults who work in schools show school spirit. I can go on and on. But you nailed it!
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    It seems to me the ones who get hurt from this movement the most are those who put all their savings into this insurance policy. Because when nothing happens they are left with nothing.

    That about sums what I have been thinking. Most of the ones that were in the hall with my husband and I talked the talk but did not walk the walk and they seemed to get mad at those who did walk the walk and acted like we were stupid.

    I totally bought into everything. I was raised around the religion and came from a abusive home and from parents who the elders truly wised would just disappear. Being I was never really in the world but never really in the religion and being cradle taught that it was the "truth" I mistakenly thought if I tried hard enough I would fit in. I married an elder who was older than I am and who had moved to a congregation where the CO asked him to because the need was great. We lived on nothing, it was so hard being newly married and having NOTHING. I put all my trust in the members of the hall and they did not want me. I could not do anything right. Pioneered and was asked "what good was I doing?" by the other 9 pioneers in the hall, was sent home from meetings for service when my husband was not out because he was doing his elder duty. I was so alone. We went to Bethel during the construction of 90 Sands and again was accused of not doing it for the right reason by those who were working full time jobs and buying homes, new cars, etc.

    I still did not get it I thought if I just tired harder, and than harder, and than harder that sometime, somewhere there would be a hall where someone would like me where I would fit in. I never fit in. Never. I had the whole congregation over to my 980 SQ foot home three time, over 90 people there was standing room only. I fed the book study when it was our time to feed the speaker every six weeks, yet the one time that I was just to wiped out to do it I was yelled at for not doing it.

    While others were saving for retirement I was giving and giving and giving and finally one day I woke up and realized that no one in the religion cared if I lived or died. In fact I think that they truly wised I would die, commit suicide. I truly do believe that. My husband had two heart attacks one at the meeting, he was an elder for 32 years gave everything to the religion. Would drop me and my needs in a heart beat to be there for anyone in the hall who needed him. Yet when he was in the hospital most of the time no one was there. In fact instead of even calling an ambulance and yet knowing he was having severe chest pains they had me drive him alone to the hospital from the KH and only one couple came up to see if he was OK. He coded on the ER table.

    Anyway you are right the only ones who get hurt are those like myself who are or were stupid enough to give up their life for the religion. Whenever I would bring up to my husband that we seemed to be the only one doing it my husband always told me to just keep my blinders on and look forward to the kingdom.

    One day when I realized that there were three pedophiles in the hall and that I was supposed to take them door to door and that I had, had them in my home with children, etc it all just crashed down around me and I was done.

    The stupid thing is no one cares that I left. I gave up everything that mattered to me because I was told I could have it all in the new system and for what? And yes I did mean to say welcome. It's just what you said really just hit home.


  • Magnum

    vinman, thank you, too. I've got to process and chew on what you guys are saying. Again, I agree with millie210 about getting hope from this.

    I still, though, think there are many who are swallowing it all. There are many in my area who do. Evidently, there are many all over the world who have gone nuts over JWdotORG and JWTV and Caleb & Sophia. There are many who, as I said above, virtually idolize the rock star GB members.

  • freemindfade

    Welcome and well put, I agree with your sentiments. Many see (especially now) how bumbling the GB is, and they may even laugh or mock them, but if you criticize too far to the point of eluding this is not god's organization, the cult defenses go up quick. scandal, doctrine, failed prophecies... most are content to tolerate these things... the real fight is waking them up to the fact that it is a cult and operates as such. Most don't want to confront this reality, I have heard already from my family who are distraught over what they believe are my views, that if its not the truth they have wasted their lives, a sad and distorted view that keeps them hoping.

    I look forward to speaking more with you, PM if you like, how long ago were you in Bethel? If you are comfortable PMing that, if not I understand.

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