The Secret is out....but nobody cares

by MrTheocratic 104 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Phaedra

    Thanks for sharing, Mr Theocratic.

    Without a doubt, I know my 70-something parents believe to the core and act accordingly.

    I can't imagine what must go through their minds about it all at this point in their life.


  • PokerPlayerPhil

    "life is short" after dedicating yourself to a group with no natural affection for each other and pathological liars, users and often the rubbish of the world being placed on their high chair,how are you feeling now? What's been said by him is nothing new, the kids don't know the Bible, elders don't trust the eschatology and End Time doctrines had many shaking their heads.

    Elders use their positions to bully and pretend their something because in real life, these wanna-bees would not have a very high social standing. I've seen sisters like you living in a bad way, self-denial of your own dreams while shitty husbands would dump all your loyal service for a Cult that has the "disposable" attitude towards witnesses who can't deliver today. The Cult is all about "What have you dome for me Today, not "thank's for all your hard work over the past, thank you for living off nothing to ensure the message was delivered". they don't care and I am sorry your husband has not see the deep value your worth!

  • airborne

    Very interesting conversation. I see so many perspectives when I visit this site.

    I had the thought today that you do not get a severance package when you leave the Watchtower, so why not leave earlier once you've made up your mind. Just my thought.

    Peace to all.

  • misguided
    I agree with Mr. Theocratic. This seems to be (actually is) the case with my parents.
  • whathehadas
    A lot of what's been said is true, at least from what I saw when I left 6 years ago. You have your small number of Super JW and like always, the one shoe in/one shoe out crowd. The latter is that great crowd so to speak. That's the ones who do just enough to get by. They would leave if the opportunity presents itself. The RIGHT opportunity that is. Most of the ones I remember could explain the doctrine well enough to convert a new person but when faced with tough questions about the WT history and ever changing policies, they would have no answer but "Wait on Jehovah". I feel for the new breed, that's the newborns in this cult. They will continue to keep the family tree going for the WT unfortunately. Hopefully, the GB will do or say something that's completely outrageous in the near future. Maybe that will wake up a large number

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