What's a really good movie you'd recommend that most people probably haven't seen?

by A.Fenderson 140 Replies latest social entertainment

  • monkeyman

    Here's 2.

    1. 40 yr old virgin. i didnt want to watch this for a long time because I thought the subject manner was juvenile and I'm not into sex movies. But I saw a glimpse of it from another room and it was funny so I decided to watch it. Couldnt stop laughing. 2nd funniest movie I've ever seen

    2. The Full Monty- the funniest movie I've ever seen. Falling off the couch funny. Once you get into the British terms and comedy, it's hilarious. Caution.... you need to know some soccer terminology. I hate soccer so I had to have someone translate. OMG Laugh out loud every time.

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