What's a really good movie you'd recommend that most people probably haven't seen?

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  • Violia

    There are so many and some are common so I'm sure others have seen therm.

    Chocolat- ( 1999-2000)a charming film about a young mother who goes to live in a ( fictional) french village with her young daughter and opens a chocolate shop. It is just the most adoreable movie I have ever seen. Not really a chick flick.

    What dreams may come- Robin Williams /Annabella Sciorra

    Fisher King- Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Mercedes Ruehl, Amanda Plummer- one of the best films I have ever seen that showed Ptsd -

    Magnolia- 99- Tom Cruise, Willam Macy , Julianne Moore and so many more

    The Gift- Cate Blanchett

    Alll That Jazz- director Bob Fosee tells his life story with Roy Scheider starring, 1979 great music and dancing

    Being There- Peter Sellers , Shirley Mclaine. a little slow but the masturbation scene is worth waiting for ( not crude)

    Norma Rae- Sally Field, Ron Leibman , 79, textile factory worker who helps get a union started in alabama.

    Just about anything on IFC. I have seen many good films on that channel.

  • 1Robinella

    Make it rated "R" he-he

  • 1Robinella

    My favorite is: "To kill a mockingbird." It's just a sweet black and white movie about young kids. Another movie that I also love is "Fight Club" with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. With both movies I read the book. The book is always better. But the Fight Club movie was just amazing to me, it made sense if you look deep at what they are really talking about...consumers...buy this...how we all conform to society. Love those kind of movies.

  • 1Robinella

    I forgot to say: I'm sure most people seen the movies I mentioned...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Mongol was an awesome film. Russian to boot.


  • Caedes

    Withnail and I - Funny, depressing and the best dialogue ever.

  • Gayle

    We have Netflix. Just saw "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." Perhaps I see too much into things and connect from having a JW experience.

    The movie is based on a true story. It is about the 'physical' horrifying experience we all hoped to never experience. Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which a patient is aware and awake but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

    I connected it to my last phase of being a JW. But of course, I recovered.

  • mamalove

    Gone Baby Gone

    The Illusionist

  • Jadeen

    Memento- A guy with anterograde amnesia hunts down his wife's murderer. Make sure you're not distracted when watching!

    Pi- A mathematician searching to decode patterns to the stock market.

    Amelie- a quirky French movie about a waitress performing good deeds for others.

  • Giordano

    I just remembered this one, 'The Profesional' Luc Besson's first american movie, Natalie Portmans first ever movie and the always wonderful Jean Reno and Gary Oldman. It's actually an unlikly love story


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