Press Release: JWs and Child Molestation

by JohnJBB123 32 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • BoozeRunner

    Hi John,
    I agree that the human rights angle is THE way to go. Keep up the good work, and see it through to fruition. This particular circumstance is PERSONAL to me, as Charles Riley is my fleshly brother.


  • worf


    I think you're doing excellent work. I would like to encourage you to follow up completely on the story about Charles Riley. The details are shocking as well as very, very interesting. Definitely a human rights issue.

  • sf

    Hello worf,

    So good to "see" you. Hope you and your family are well "these days". Since I know you're thinking how am I and my daughter...we are just fine. Well accept for the physical battery I've been thru the last week, I'm doing pretty good. I'll explain this weekend on the phone. I'll call. Will you be available?

    Love, sKally

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