Press Release: JWs and Child Molestation

by JohnJBB123 32 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • SixofNine

    Also ck the spelling of Heard. for some reason I'm remembering it as Herd. I could be wrong though.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    JBB123 I bet you talk to your editors when you look into the mirror. You're so obvious.

  • JohnJBB123

    Pork Chop,

    Actually this is the editing crew: Doreen Bransky, Mike Hooper, Bluesapphire, and Kristin Ladd.
    I will just be blunt: your an idiot. You should be fighting the Watchtower instead of me, Sir Idiot. Mr. Hooper is now reviewing the editing job.

  • Siddhashunyata

    " All cruelty springs from weakness "

  • JohnJBB123


    What do you mean? Specify please

  • tyydyy

    John, Thanks for the effort you put into this press release. I appreciate the fact that you are actually doing something proactive while still sounding objective. Of course it needs a little editing but then that's what editors are for. Right? :)

    Go man Go!


  • MadApostate


    Why do I get the feeling you are one of the JahIdiots BUFFOONS?

  • JohnJBB123


    If that is your best response, then you are an idiot too. Come talk to me when you graduate from High School. If you did graduate, then you are in serious trouble. You don't treat others like that, Child
    You make this place sound like a hate group with such a label. You did learn from one of the best lable-makers. This is none other than the Wathctower., but accompishing nothing.

  • MadApostate


    You bunch of illiterate BUFFOONS are so stupid and uneducated that you don't have a clue that an Editor will hit "delete" after reading only 3 or 4 lines.

    I could care less what happens to your piece of garbage, EXCEPT for the fact that you JahIdiots's SPAMMING newspapers, guestbooks, and any other place that you can leave your trash ENDS UP CREATING A NEGATIVE IMPRESSION WITH THE RECIPIENTS, CAUSING THEM TO NEGATIVELY PREJUDGE "QUALITY" PRESS RELEASES THEY RECEIVE FROM CREDIBLE SOURCES.

    Now, Bill Bozo may post here that you have his blessing, but if so, then ...., well, such would pretty much speak for itself.

    If I were he, I would demand that you JahIdiots stop using my name and reputation.

  • JohnJBB123


    There you go again, more idiot labels. Also yes you do care otherwise you would not have responded the way you did, and with such anger. Like I said, "Child."
    Those who work with me know how credible I am. Randy and I have corresponded several times. He knows my intentions. I have explained them briefly to him via email. I also work with Ken and Claudia Minette of the BRCI group, and Wally Shiel who is a licensed counselor.
    You are the one who is not credible. You just spout out hate-words labels, and insults. Earlier I said I post here to get input. No one else has seen the release yet. Call the release what you may. Your behavior is that of an uncontrolable, raging idiot. You had better control that temper. I am not spamming any more than you are with the articles you post regularly on this site. I have been to some of the posts started by you.
    Also I am getting my Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Your statement about our being uneducated also reflects your ignorance.
    I also sponsor a support group in Arizona, USA. I am going to read your posts to the group the next time I get a chance. I stayed a JW longer than I should have because exJWs and others trying to get me out of the JWs behaved exactly like you. I have no regard for your comments. You justify the WTBTS claims about "apostates."
    Randy has posted the first release sent out by our organization. Go to It was posted on 12/18/01

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