What year Did you Stop Attending Meetings - How Long were you a JW ?

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  • LongHairGal


    I wasted my time in this so-called religion for a little over two decades. Started a walkaway 'fade' the end of 2000 when I found out their hidden history and scandals on several internet sites. I go to the memorial and an occasional special talk for the sake of a few friends until I move from the area.

  • tooktheredpill

    Hi all!

    Born in, 2nd Generation.

    Baptized 1990.

    Elder for 10 yrs.

    Opened my eyes in 2007.

    Full fade started 2008. (Not D'fd, Not Diss., just dissapeared!)

    ...So, it was at least 36 years.

    Happier than ever with my wife and my life now!


  • Sunspot

    I was contacted at the door in 1969.

    Sadly I was sucked into the "don't YOOOOU wanna live THERE" fairy tale and accepted a home indoctrination study.

    Got baptized in 1972.

    Stayed loyal and faithful and never got into any trouble.

    Got a computer in mid 1998 and did a lot of research, engaged in a lot of prayer and even MORE soul-searching

    and by 1999 I realized without a doubt that the deceptive WTS was not "the truth" and never had been.

    I walked away by way of writing a DA letter in Oct 1999.

  • restrangled

    Good lord, Flipper, I never saw this thread and certainly didn't mean to upstage you. Perhaps you can take the responses from mine and combine with yours as it will be very make for very interesting stats.......so sorry!

    To answer your question: Born in 1959, out in 1976.

  • foolsparadise

    Stopped attending 2008. Been one since born into this world 1974. Research cults.................

  • foolsparadise

    Born in will not die in will die out

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the responses ! RESTRANGLED- You didn't upstage me at all. Don't worry. Your thread asked " How Old " people were when exiting the witnesses - my thread asked totally DIFFERENT questions - How long did people attend & What Year did people stop attending ? No worries, don't sweat it sis. All information is good information. It informs us. THAT is the purpose of information.

    Thanks for the responses people. I will update the years and how long you were each a witness later today after more respond. Thanks again for all responses

  • Steve_C

    I was born in, but didn't get baptized until I was 20. Went to my last meeting in 1999, age 36 (faded, not DF or DA, but mom and sister shun me. Eh.)

  • yknot

    Marking...... for future contribution once I stop attending.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    hi mr flipper...always a pleasure to comunicate with you,

    i came in about 10 years old in 1972 i think, baptised at 18 coz it was the done thing, spent the rest of my time TRYING to be good enough, walked away in 1998 at 36 and was D/F at about 38 in 2000.

    the amazing thing on reflection was that i NEVER even imagined it could be wrong! It must be me thats the problem... i see it differently now of course!

    during that time i served as a reg pio, m/s, served where the need was greater and was accepted to bethel construction


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