What year Did you Stop Attending Meetings - How Long were you a JW ?

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  • Jim_TX

    My mom started studying with the JWs when I was about 5 or so... that would be around 1960 to 1961.

    I was baptized in 1974-ish - I really don't remember.

    I quit attending the meetings in 1983.

    (I guess that means that I attended meetings for about 15 or 16 years.)

    Be careful analyzing your 'statistics'. What you are most likely seeing is that from the mid 90's onward - you will notice more people leaving - which may be as a result of the internet - and people using computers to investigate the religion.

    When I left - there weren't any internet - and you were pretty much isolated - and not really able to compare notes - so to speak - with others.


    Jim TX

  • Doubting_Tomas

    his is my 2nd Post Long time Lurker ! ( I just hate the sound of that word "Lurker" , like I'm some ,, some disgusting Guy looking as some bad Sh!T ) lol

    Came in as a 4 year Old Mom was very HardCore but with No Dad their was just so Much she could force us to Do - we just went along - at 16 I could not Go to Collage - So I stared to Rebel !

    Faded 17-21 Had a Kid to a JW Baptized Girl ( at 21) she left Me after Marital Problems and the Elders help her to belive that she'd be better Off with Out Me - I continue to Go to all Meetings at 25 Meet a Wonderfull Girl I lived next too and of Course I took her to the Meeting She Liked it -- We get Married -- Then at 29 We Finaly Get Baptized - and I Realy just was going to be close to My friends, but finally started to Fade at 35-36 Now I am a Total Fade but still keep up with Most of My Friends who are JWs My Wife was total into It, till I started Helping her se the Truth behind their BULL . . . Now she is realy Mad since Her VERY Close JW friend went to the Elders to Do a "JW Confessition to a Group of 3 " This week they Kicked her OUT

    Now My Wife is Pissed,, - Good thing not at Me --hahahahahaha--

    SO 4 yrs Old in till 29 Baptized till 36 slow Fade to NOW 39 Full Fade !

    Best thing in My Life was meeting My 2nd "" Worldly "" Wife and the Fact that My Oldest son has always seen thru their Bull since they Disfellowshiped His Mom ( my X' ) 2 times !!

    I will Post a Interesting Ongoing Problem happing in NJ Hudson County soon ! Between - Pionier Sister #1 - a PO #1 - a CO - an Other Halls PO #2 - Some Other Sisters that owed Money - and a Vendeta against Pionier #1, becuse she Called Bethel on PO #1 to report his Misconduct, so PO#1 Finaly Get some Trumped UP Charges against Pioiner #1 . .. . well I will save it for another time

    "This Could Only Happen in " a JW World "" - Hey that should be a New Topic !!!

  • smiddy

    Born in `39

    Started associating in`60

    Baptized in`61

    Left in `93

    By my count 33 yrs.


  • Podobear

    Baptised April '71

    Mind left as I walked out of Bethel in April '82

    Feet Left January '84

    Heart left April 2010...

    Tough love is hard to break... I guess. Pioneered 6yrs Bethel almost 4 years.. very active publisher up to the last. Had 1hr personal counselling in 20 years... guess the contribution I made wasn't good enough.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Born in 1972

    Started attending in 1974 because mom was sucked in.

    Baptized in 1994 under duress. Never pioneered, and just put in token hours to avoid being bothered.

    Stopped attending 'cold turkey' in 2000.

  • RN

    Mr. Flipper--I'll give you a whole family of stats to add, here's to hoping I've got all the math right

    My family began studying in 1970 and became fully active (all the meetings and FS) in 1971.

    My mom: baptized in 1972, age 32. Became inactive in the early '80's due to "illness". Officially disassociated in 1993 at age 53. That breaks down to 10 years very active and 11 years of inactive but believing.

    My dad: baptized in 1972, age 36. Resigned as an elder and became inactive in 1993 at age 57. 21 years in.

    As a side note: My dad continued to attend meetings and serve as an elder for 11 years w/o my mom. During that time his congregation split a couple of times and eventually many of the "friends" in the cong were surprised to discover my dad was married. Going to show just how interested they were in helping her.

    My brother: baptized in 1974 at age 15. Became inactive in 1990 at age 31, to the great disappointment of his uber-witness wife. In 2002 after 17 years of marriage and with the encouragement of the elders, she walked out on him. Spiritual endangerment, ya know. He as in 19 years.

    My ex-husband and I were the lone holdouts

    I was baptized in 1975 (whew! just in time!) at age 13. After being inactive for over a year, made the mental break in 1997, age 35. 26 years in.

    My ex: Studied for about a year in '72, began studying a second time in 1974. Baptized in 1975 at age 21. Out in 1997, age 43. 23 years in.


  • RN

    I think Jim TX is right that people are leaving due to, in part, what they find on the internet. But I'm not sure if we are actually seeing MORE people leave.

    Because of the internet, we are able to get a picture of what's going on globally with the WTS. I think because of the information that's now available we are seeing people leave for different reasons since the mid '90's than previous decades. I also think that it is taking less time for folks to realize that something is not quite right, and make the decision to leave, due to the massive amount of information and support that is now easily available.

    A big THANK YOU to the information superhighway and/or Al Gore.

    In the decades prior to the 1990's, it could take awhile for one to accumulate enough negative experiences or see enough organizational changes to scratch their heads and think WTF???, so the process was probably longer.

    It would be interesting to see actual figures of those who have left (DF, DA, Walk-aways) in proportion to the membership of each decade. Of course there aren't stats to back this up, they simply don't exist; but I suspect that the percentage of the membership who leave each decade has been pretty consistent since the mid 1960's.

    Just my ramblings on the matter, your mileage may vary.


  • flipper

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll update the stat sheet of amount of years people were in , when they left year wise after even more respond by later tomorrow. It's interesting to see when people exited- and how many years people were in - and after how many years DID they exit. So anyone feel free to add to the list ! Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Any way to get a stat on the growth on this site too? Or is that asking too much?

  • flipper

    SIMON MORLEY- That is a very good question . I'll ask on your behalf - Hey moderators, Lady Lee or Simon or Angharad - Is there anyway you would be able to let us know how this site has grown in number of members since you started it way back ? It might really assist ex-JW's to know how many are on this site now compared to 10 years ago or so when you first started it. Just a thought to consider. Thanks

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