What year Did you Stop Attending Meetings - How Long were you a JW ?

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Exit 1976.

    Mental exit 2004

    1952-2004=brain damage

    I was never what I would call a Jehovah's witness as I never witnessed for a Jehovah I truly believed in.

  • leo999

    Virtually born in , baptized 71 , active until last year .Missed the Memorial this year , first time in 50 years .Now inactive and only the very occasional meeting to please family still in.


  • moomanchu

    1962 = Born into the cult.

    1995 = Started questioning and fading.

    2000 = Done attending.

    2007 = Labeled apostate. Still not df'ed though. ha

  • WTWizard

    I was a regular witless for about 10 years, though after 1995 I did not feel like one. I stopped going to all boasting sessions or field circus in 2005, after roughly 18 years in the cancer.

  • Quandry

    Baptised 1973, age 21. Hubbie and I left sometime in 2004/05. Over 30 years wasted. Not df'd, don't care.

  • Black Sheep
  • mouthy

    Baptized in 1963,kicked out 1987
    ( because I didnt see Jesus come invisably in 1914)
    after 25 years faithful service to a false prophet

  • Deceived

    My parents found the "truth" when I was 4 years old in 1952. They went all out. My childhood was spent being dragged around constantly from house to house and town to town while they served Jehovah as Full time Pioneers. They were both fanatic about it. My father was a "congregation servant" and I had to be the example of a perfect obedient JW child. I wasn't allowed to play or associate with the other children because they weren't theocratic enough.

    Forced to be baptized at 15 "or else" in 1963

    Couldn't take it anymore so I purposely "sinned" and was disfellowshipped at 18 years old in 1966. My parents disowned me. They were special pioneers at this time.

    My Father left the religion in 1973 because he was stumbled by the fact that those with money got better treatment, he never went back but died not sure if it was the truth or not. MY parents contacted me again in 1973. My Mother was still totally in. She started in at me after I had 2 children. Played on my maternal feelings that I and my babies would die at ARmageddon if we didn't serve Jah right now. I stupidly went back in and got reinstated in 1977. My husband was horrified and my life was AWFUL trying to live up to everything they wanted. I was not treated well and I saw the hypocrisy then.

    I stayed in for 7 years struggling, struggling and finally gave up and stopped attending meetings in 1984. Never have been in a Kingdum Hall since. BUT I still wasn't sure if it was the Truth or not so I lived in fear until 2 years ago when I found this Forum. Finally I know its not the TRUTH but a Cult.

  • RR

    I physically stopped attending meetings in early 1994, was in since 1982

  • Gorbatchov

    Stopped in 2008, age 37.

    Returning in may, 2010 for family reasons. Only attending, no preaching.

    I'll remain a critical anti-organisational JW.

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