C.O. Talked about the fact that we may die in this system

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Being that my husband is still going to most of the meetings, I tied into the meeting Sunday to see what the CO had to say on his last day at the hall. One thing I found interesting is that we may die in this system. He said when he first learned the "truth" he just knew for sure that the system would end before he was baptized and he was so stressed out from it. "He went through the questions in April and was not to be dunked until June and every morning he would wake up and run to the window to make sure that the system had not ended." I found his use of the word dunked offensive for some reason also. Really flip. But he said the word "dunked."

    He then said "how many here have felt that way." We might have grown up in the "truth" and 'have been told we would not graduate high school and for sure you would not get married, and definitely we would not have children in this system. Then we did get married and have children but we felt our children Definitely would not go to school and would Definitely not graduate high school and very Definitely not get married and have children. Now not only our children but our grandchildren are getting married and having children.'

    The CO said does this mean that Jehovah's Witnesses were wrong? NO!!! Jehovah is not slow with what he promised (Habakkuk 2:3).

    The CO then said that we all need to live each day like the system is going to end tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So what about all the window washers who have no savings, no health insurance, who have horrible health because of eating so bad because of not having enough money to buy good food. What is Jehovah going to do for all the 60's and 70's year old people who gave their youth for the cause?

    And like the CO said to all the young on Sunday give your lives to Jehovah now!!!! Are they not looking at their parents, grandparents and others who gave everything and have nothing? And yet many in the hall are pioneering and still quitting school not even graduating high school so that they can pioneer and they definitely will not go to college.

    How crazy and sad is all of this is this?


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.- George Santayana

    Think About It

  • JWoods

    This sounds like a new type of JW C.O. - a sort of new JW age modernist. An apologist, if you will, for the past "end within your life" preaching.

    It sounds to me like his own spin, not official WTS policy.

    BTW, that "dunked" language is also pretty flip in my books - again, he sounds like a new age type of JW. Probably setting himself up for a little talk with someone if the old liners get wind of it.

    BTW2, the "fear that big A would come before he was dunked" is doctrinally wrong according to JW thought - unbaptized youth were supposed to be protected through their JW parents. But, whatever -

  • journey-on

    I have come to believe that it really is about individual witnesses and their intelligence level, or lack thereof. My sister and bil are diehard lifetime witnesses. They have dedicated their lives to their beliefs wholeheartedly. Yet, they have managed their finances, bought a home, remodelled it just recently, socked loads of cash away for retirement, and made investments just like any intelligent worldly person would do.

    Is their faith less than the foolish couple that gave up everything in the name of their religion and idled away their time, energy, and money? I don't think so. They simply used a modicum of common sense and intelligence.

    I feel sorry for JWs that used the religion as an excuse to p*ss away their lives, but at some point one just has to be responsible and smart and cover their bases.

  • frankiespeakin


    I think the CO is battling with a bout of cognitive dissonance that is creeping into his talk like a Freudian slip.

  • sir82
    This sounds like a new type of JW C.O. - a sort of new JW age modernist.

    I like it.

    "Yeah, we're wrong and we're stupid and we're short-sighted and we're hypocritical - but we're in the truth, baby!"

  • JWoods
    I think the CO is battling with a bout of cognitive dissonance that is creeping into his talk like a Freudian slip.

    Very well stated. Very likely true.

  • journey-on

    Maybe he's planting little seeds surreptiously.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Either JWoods is right on the money OR this is a new way to address things. I am with JWoods, but here's the other side just in case:

    This C.O. may have learned from Headquarters that middle-aged to young adult JW's are questioning the past, so address it just so. Admit that expectations have not been the reality, but go on to tell them to keep in expectation. That would typically be accompanied by thoughts that nobody will be sorry they died in "this system of things" in expectation when they wake up in Paradise, but they cannot get there if it comes tomorrow and they have left their guard down. Then the "dunked" type of language might be to address the hip young JW crowd that likes to sound rebellous and different. A little shock in the language causes them to pay attention.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Yes the end didn't come for granny, for me, for my children, but follow our stupid example, show how much faith you have. How can you change the story now? You have got to keep the cash flow going.

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