C.O. Talked about the fact that we may die in this system

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  • Scully

    When I think of how the CO used the word "dunked" I wonder if he was talking to the young unbaptized people, trying to downplay the the enormity of JW baptism and convince them that "it's no big deal... it's just a dip in the pool", to try and lure them into taking a very serious step that potentially has life-long consequences.

  • hamsterbait

    In the 20s and early 30s -

    Pioneers and Specials got NOTHING de nada from the Society to help them in their work.

    They were not even allowed to take on part time paid employment to support themselves. The argument was that Jehoobie will provide. If house holders could not give cash, the Student would take a chicken, or do some washing of laundry to cover the cost of the litterature. ( THis whilst Da Judge lived in luxury, drinking and ***** his Bonnie &/or Bertha)

    ( This policy was along the same dating lines of young "Sex and the Ctiy" females: "treat em mean to keep em keen")

    The enthusiasm to sell the litterature rose with the starving desperation of the Colporteur. I wonder why the Witchtower got rid of the old arrangement? Jehoobie was after all providing, wasnt he??

    I remember an Edith Wharton story about a girl called HULGA who was seduced by a Bible Student... Cant think of the title.


  • nelly136

    its changing light, as the older generations die off the younger generations will forget that their forefathers were promised armageddon in their lifetimes, the old ones will be dead and not around to remind them.

    the borg needs to perpetuate, to do that they have to rewrite the history of the promises and the future, armageddon will always be coming, just around the corner, so close they can taste it, but instead of just moving the goalposts theyre extending the pitch

    as for that CO with his dunking motivated by fear of armageddon, he'll die waiting.

  • Cadellin

    now, 37 years after the WT imprint on my brain, and with a new wife considerably younger than my 47 years

    Aussie: Is that her in your picture? Cute!!! Both of you, actually...

  • willyloman

    At some point in my 30 years in dubville, I did notice that the families that were totally unconcerned with making a good living or socking something away for retirement fell into two classes: 1) those with no education, who had menial jobs, no money and no real prospects for success. They were eagerly waiting for a miracle; and 2) those whose parents were very well off and were simply waiting to inherit a fortune when those parents died. This latter group numbered many more people than you'd expect, at least in the congregations I was in. They led a charmed life - they could "sacrifice for Jehovah" and earn the accolades of their "brothers and sisters" and often move up the congregational ladder to become "prominent." Then when the parents died, they retired to a worry-free life of travel and entertainment while waiting for Armageddon.

    At one congo I was in for many years, we had 11 elders and about half of them were in this situation. While I was there, one of them inherited houses and stocks and cash and after quitting his job and buying a new home in a nicer neighborhood, promptly invested most of the remaining cash in real estate. This was when r.e. was booming in that area, and within four or five years the value of most of his holdings had doubled or tripled in value. At one point he owned nine homes that he rented out. Of course, when he quit his job he "pioneered" but he was largely invisible in the field, had a bunch of "studies" no one ever saw, and did a lot of "phantom" service. I worked with him one afternoon when he said he "had to get some hours in" and we spent most of that time driving to houses he owned where he stopped to talk with people who were remodeling or cleaning or in one case building a spec home for him. We made two "return visits" in between, both of which were pretty fluffy.

    Another borrowed money from wealthy parents to build a big house. Later he borrowed from his wife's parents to start a business. The business never seemed very busy but stayed open for many years until they sold it and retired. He was a "prominent" elder who never seemed to have a financial care in the world. When we got to know them well, it was clear (although they were very quiet about it) that both sets of parents had money but one of them in fact was extremely wealthy and they and their siblings would have no worries when mom and dad died. And in the meantime, there were regular infusions of cash in the forms of big checks on birthdays and holidays (shhh!). They always reminded me of trust fund babies.

    Whether dubs are going to die in this system or not is only really important to those without means, because that spells a long, painful life for them in many ways. Others can live out their 70 0r 80 years in comfort without undue worry, and in the meantime they've had a great social life and a relatively happy home - marred only by the occasional child who leaves the fold.

  • diamondiiz

    Maybe jws should be happy the end may not come in their lifetime thus making room to eliminate imminent armareddon in the near future, maybe even 1914 will be eliminated as it's mentioned less and less by the year.

  • Interested Observer
    Interested Observer

    I do think many of the Witnesses no longer have an expectation to see Armageddon, so I am not sure how detrimental the "new light" will be. However to point out the absurdity of it, I recently asked my mom, who was born in the 1950s, what it's like being apart of the Civil War generation. She basically asked if I was crazy. Instead of responding, I decided to let it sit and see if she can make a connection on her own.

  • TheOldHippie

    "So what about all the window washers who have no savings, no health insurance, who have horrible health because of eating so bad because of not having enough money to buy good food."

    Well, over here in Europe, all I can say is that the window washers have FAT savings accounts, a very good health insurance and have a very good health because they have made VERY, VERY GOOD money and have constantly been able to buy the BEST of food. The window cleaners are the upper class of the congregations over here, making more money than poor me working for the government could ever dream of earning.

  • boyzone

    And elder called Bob Emmett was giving a baptism talk once and said to the candidates "have you got your cossies ready?" (short for swimming costume). Some old timers hauled him over the coals for that one - they felt he was being far too familiar and worldly for such an important occassion.

    Then there was the CO Bill Harris who asked for a show of hands for all those who had an "armageddon car". Lots of old-timers put their hands up and laughed when he said, "and how many armageddon cars have you had since?"

    another successful attempt to downplay and trivialise the endless waiting, and the R&F fall for it every time.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    cadellin . Not her, but at the time i did the artwork girl she did have magenta hair, it is sort of styled on her a little.

    yes, she is cute...thankyou! we are both a pair of Rockabilly/punk people...


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