C.O. Talked about the fact that we may die in this system

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  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Many JWs fail to realize that (according to WTS theology) those who die in This System and are resurrected in the New System will be asexual. See Matthew 22:23-30. In particular, Jesus says in verse 30: "in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven."

    Some may argue that Jesus is talking about the heavenly hope. But that's impossible under JW theology because the hypothetical woman about whom Jesus was talking died before Jesus was resurrected--thus no heavenly hope for her according to the WTS!

    So, the implication of this is simple. According to WTS doctrine, all resurrected humans will be eunuchs--asexual creatures. Pretty creepy, huh?

  • JWoods

    Indeed, OMG - which brought up the uncomfortable situation of married JWs where one died pre-armageddon and the survivor survived it. (and perhaps even had re-married). I remember cases where the survivor was made to promise to never remarry in this system of things! (regardless of the sexless resurrection thing.)

    And wasn't it also true that for worldly people who died before Armageddon Jehovah would sort of roll the dice on their resurrection, but if you DIED in Armageddon (non JW) you were just plain dead forever?

    So really, a lot of the phony urgency of the 20th century goes right out the window with this kind of talk by the elders...

  • winstonchurchill

    In my CO days I used to give a talk (that was before WT would give CO's outlines) I wrote myself along th same lines: how many of us grew up convinced we would never grow, marry, much less die in this system. But the main idea was we should stop thinking of dates and speculating, and just concentrate in behaving like christians. This was a very popular talk in the circuits I visited, and I would get frequent expressions of gratitude for voicing the way many felt. Some seemed relieved to be able to openly talk about it and see they were not alone. All this was done without criticizing WT (neither defending it), and therefore it was not seen as apostate or antagonist to WT. Only once, one of the DO's during his yearly week with us said I should be careful with my choice of words as it could be seen as critizing 'Mother'.

    I don't know were thos particular CO is coming from, but I agree with a previous poster in that most R&F don't actually believe Armagedon is near (just look at the way they use their time).

  • LongHairGal

    Journey-on, I was responsible and smart and covered my bases because I knew I had to support myself. But I did not escape the judgmentalism. I wasn't as lucky as your relatives were but maybe it was because I am a single woman. I refused to allow them to ruin my life and they resented me for it. It makes me sick to see they are now weaseling out from what they said for many years and are now adopting a new line. But anyway you look at it - people got screwed! It would not surprise me if they started saying 'we never told you not to plan for the future..'. Disgusting.

  • thetrueone

    The WTS. has always stressed that this life has little reverence or importance, the real goal or prize is the Paradise

    of the new system. Hence they told people to not marry , not have children, not to attain higher education but to go out

    and propagate the WTS's literature to the public. and to cull more sales people to do the same.

    The WTS. publishing corporation cultivated a bunch of lies exploited from the bible, to further circulate their

    published products, a devised marketing scheme.

    The Bullshit and coercion continues to this day.

  • JWoods
    I don't know were thos particular CO is coming from, but I agree with a previous poster in that most R&F don't actually believe Armagedon is near (just look at the way they use their time).

    I think that was me, WinstonChurchill. I first got that idea in the past year or two here on this forum (and I left the JW way back in 1980). But thinking back on the reality, I know I didn't REALLY believe it even prior to 1975, and many other elders did not either.

    For sure, if the current rank and file just ignore that new generation teaching, they must not much care about the so-called "closeness of the end".

    I think they are just kind of saying it (end of system of things) out of rote, but like you say are actually living to make things comfortable in this "old" world.

    Not too different from what their early ancestors the Adventists did, after numerous failed end prophecies.

  • frankiespeakin


    I don't know were thos particular CO is coming from, but I agree with a previous poster in that
    most R&F don't actually believe Armagedon is near (just look at the way they use their time).

    Just like the story of the boy who cried wolf too many times until nobody listened responsively anymore. The WT has been crying wolf for so long that to many JWs it no longer has the same zip in once had. I know it happened to me.

    Even though they will tell one another the party line many no longer get that excited or feel they will live to see the day, this no doubt is one of the reasons the WT is lacking funds and down sizing. Many JW may not wish to speak negatively about the WT's warning about the end is close but deep down and away from the prying eyes they no longer feel the sense of urgency, but like puppets during Wt studies they will make believe they feel it's close.

  • hamsterbait

    The First Volume of "Studies in the Scriptures" asked what is the point of aworldwide preaching work, if all those who dont believe are to be resurrected?

    Cant put my hand on it now - maybe start a post when i find it.


  • DaCheech
    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.- George Santayana


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I left school at 16, did labouring jobs all my life (even now) . i remember before my dad left a few years before he wanted to start up some sort of insurance policy for us kids for later in life but was scoffed at by mum because well, we would be in the new system soon (75 was yet to come).

    Dad left and was ridiculed for going to college... ha! he'll be dead before he even finishes... well, now he has RETIRED from being a chiropractor.

    i never got told to manage money, we only bought our first house because the govt threw money at us and we sold it later to go pioneering. Bought the second house when kids came along ( we were never going to have kids... armageddon was too close) so she could have her own place to paint whatever colors she wanted instead of renting. It was not for the future.

    got divorced and lost everything

    spent 10 years struggling financially so i never saved a cent

    now, 37 years after the WT imprint on my brain, and with a new wife considerably younger than my 47 years, i am finally having to deal with the need to provide for the future. I dont particularly want to spend my 'retirement' having to work but will probably have to.

    we are finally able to save for land or a house deposit but real estate has gone insane here and i cant see us paying off 400K in the next 15 years.

    i dont really blame anybody, i do wish my dad had been involved in my life though, it may have turned out different, i do wish my JW step dad had taught me about money like my sons JW step IS doing, but bottom line, i do resent the WBTS keeping us all dumbed down and wish i had thesmarts to go against the whole mentallity of 'it's around the corner' and planned for the future... ( but then again, the cow of an ex wife would have taken all that too!


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