C.O. Talked about the fact that we may die in this system

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    The talk sounds VERY similar in theme to one Splane (GB) gave at the district convention this past September. Splane said that God will not adjust his timetable to accommodate the ills of mankind and that we need to understand that we may die in this system. Of course, he gave the discourse in california....maybe thats why the west coast is so liberal...they know whats up.

  • LongHairGal


    You are right about the two classes of people you mentioned. I might also add that in category number 1 some of those people were a little 'nutty' or eccentric.

    As far as the people in category number 2, I saw some of those and I positively despised them and had no sense of comraderie or anything and couldn't stand being around them. My reasons are that they had no concept of what it was like to have to work for a living and they were spoiled and even a little conceited. They thought they were the center of the universe and I had no patience for them. They were popular because they invited certain ones over. Not me, of course (they could take their hospitality and shove it). Some of these married women thought they were 'great ladies' and they tried to target single women in the congregation to do 'favors' for them. Naturally, I ran from them.

  • WTWizard

    This is a complete waste of one's life. To live as if tomorrow was to be the end guarantees having nothing but hardship later. What happens if the end doesn't come, but we did nothing to have sustenance tomorrow? We are going to be miserable.

    The worst that could happen if we put away enough money and the end does come tomorrow is that the money will lose its value, and we will have wasted time acquiring material things. More efficient means to spread the word could have been used, so all that otherwise would have been reached will still be reached. The worst that could happen if we waste our time in field circus and the end doesn't come is that we could actually suffer, with zero happiness in our final years after spending our youth in field circus.

    Obviously, Jehovah's viewpoint is that He does all the taking, while we just give and ask nothing in return. Hence, the cost to me of giving anything to either Jehovah or the Washtowel Slaveholdery exceeds the benefit to me, and therefore neither will be getting anything from me.

  • TD

    This to me is yet another, "How can a JW say that?" moments

    Almost everything in the JW religion is built around a human lifespan.

    Identifying a Great Crowd who would come out of the tribulation, marking them on the foreheads for survival; knocking on people's doors to warn them of God's imminent judgement; the man with the writer's inkhorn, the watchman class; the Ezekiel class, the valley of dried bones, the two witnesses; the woes, trumpets and seals of Revelation; it goes on and on and on...Think about it.

    The book Then Is Finished The Mystery Of God actually hinted that installation of new printing presses in Brooklyn was a momentous event foretold in Revelation.

    All of this becomes irrelevant if the people these interpretations and prophetic types were fulfilled upon are dead.

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Great thread by you ! Been working so much haven't had time top reply until today. I tend to agree with ON THE WAY OUT that this is a marketing ploy and plan on the WT society's part to distract the attention of JW members from any timelines they USED to emphasize. They have been leading up to this for several years now I believe, especially since it's almost 100 years since 1914. Thus we have the " overlapping generation " theory of how anointed living in 1914 overlapped with current anointed thus trying to " buy " more time into the late 21st century for their failed predictions. And the fact that the anointed are increasing about 1,000 more each year. So I see this as more damage control on the WT society's part and they are telling C.O.'s to dispense this to keep the JW natives from getting restless.

    The C.O. also used what I called the psycholgical trick called " beartrapping " when saying , " Does this mean that Jehovah's Witnesses we're wrong ? No ! " I mean the guy had just given a long laundry list of what CAUSES people to doubt and think the end is not close ! So the oobvious answer to his question " Does this mean that Jehovah's Witnesses we're wrong ? " would have to be YES ! So he sucks his audience into a doubt by " beartrapping " them into a certain direction - then he brings the hatchet down on them with another answer to shake them up, or alarm them. Weirdo.

    Also - When he made the statement for young people to " give your lives to Jehovah now " - he really means " give your lives to the WT society now. " This organization is deceitful, and full of a bunch of con artists at the top. Now I need a glass of wine. End of my rant

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