JW Tall Tales

by lancelink 51 Replies latest jw experiences

  • hoser

    A new in the truth family comes home from the meeting on a thursday night. The father puts his bible and books down on the table and says "We found the truth now lets see what Satan can do"

    Immediately, the windows start shaking and rattling and they go to check on their son and daughter. As they open the door to their daughters room they find her pantyhose around her neck and she is being choked by a demonic force.

    They start praying out loud to Jehovah and all goes calm and the girl is OK

  • hoser

    The game Mario Brothers was invented by a regular pioneer in Chicago. Mario and Luigi were two fleshly brothers in the Italian congregation in Chicago who happened to own a plumbing business.

    The story goes that this pioneer invents the game and wind of it gets to Nintendo before he gets to the patent office and they steal the idea for the game from him and the rest is history.

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