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  • God Chick
    God Chick

    theres been a few 'wonderful experences' going around, but funny when you hear the same story excitedly told by someone, having heard it before but different.

    Story. pioneer couple when witnessing got offered a small old car for $1000. The owner was getting a divorce and didnt want to share money with his wife. As the story was retold over and over the car got better and the money dropped. In the end it was a brand new BMW for $50.

    I knew a brother in bethel who as a joke made up some super field service experences with his room mate. But was motified when he heard his experences read out at a D.convention. He confessed got repromanded but no annoucement was ever made to say they werent true, all the jw were left so built up from those stories of God drawing these poor lost souls and their remakable turn arounds.

  • thetrueone

    The biggest one being of course is, we are the only true earthly organization of God representing Jesus's kingdom.

    Therefore we hold the rightful power of God alone.

    Well at least you can say its dam good marketing.

  • jookbeard

    The Dub idiot going to China with a tract hanging out of his back pocket, when he leaves his trip at some airport, he is greeted by Chinky Dubs who talking out of the side of their mouths nonsense about you were in danger but we looked out for you during your stay. BULLSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT"

    The switchman decides to save the train, and his son gets killed.
    Yet many of the passengers do not know what a sacrifice the switchman made for them."

    The sad truth is..

    Most Jehovah`s Witness`s woud be willing..

    To run thier Children over with a Train,for the WBT$..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Mattieu

    Hi Lancelink, that illustration was used so many times here in Australia as well. It got the response the speaker wanted, the emotionally fragile would cry, those who sadly had lost a child in death (my mom) would cry as it brought back a lot of painful memories and the rest of the hall would become solemn and depressed. I used to hate that illustration. What about the one back in the early 80’s when supposedly the top level government heads from Communist China toured the Brooklyn printing facilities, saw a copy of the my book of bible stories, took a copy and demanded more so that every child in primary school back in China could have one! Our old City overseer was the best at fabricating stories as he went along! Mattieu.

  • bulgogiboy

    I heard a story at a CA about a pioneer couple who needed a specific amount of money to help them get their car fixed, it was something really precise, like 457 pounds, or whatever. They didnt know what to do, so they prayed really hard about it and through a set of bizarre happenings they were given a cheque for, wait for it....457 pounds! Amazing! :O Another poster mentioned a Bethelite who made up some field service experiences, and for all I know this could have been one of them.

    Hehe I love how all these stories get thrown around, completed unverified and unverifiable, but are taken as indisputable fact, where as on the other hand, if you present a JW with some information that contradicts what the WT says, it doesnt matter how many properly recorded and verifiable sources/studies you can present to back it up, it will be met with immediate suspicion.

  • Hopscotch

    I heard the same one as God Chick - the pioneer couple wanting a car - they go to see the car for sale, the owner (wife divorcing hubby in this story) selling because her husband left her and told her to sell and send him half the money. The car was a Rolls Royce and they got it for $20.

    Heard that one 25 years ago from a pioneer sister here in Australia.

    Another JW urban myth that travelled far. Just like the one about the sister witnessing alone at the door of a thug/crim/rapist/whatever who was not harmed because of the two big men (angels) with her!!


  • Mythbuster

    I was told something by a JW last week. JW showed someone in their bible Psalms 83:18, that it used the word Jehovah, the one being shown ripped the page out of the bible.

    Is this true or tall tale?

  • lancelink

    That was a very interesting read !

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, experiences, or undocumented rumors.

    I find it amazing the variety of fabricated stories JW's have all over the world .'

  • villabolo

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