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  • Magwitch

    I have a true story that would have been used from the platform if I had still been a JW

    In the Spring of 2008 I stopped at the mailbox and opened my tax rebate check from Bush ($935.00). I drove around the corner to my house and see that my cat has been severly wounded. I rush her to the vet hospital to undergo surgery. When I pick her up the next day the bill was the exact amount of the rebate check that I had received hours before.

    If this had happened in my pioneer days this experience would have been used many times over to show how Jehovah takes care of us exactly when we need it and how much we need. And probably something about Jehovah using the secular authorities to bless his people.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    And probably something about Jehovah using the secular authorities to bless his people.

    ....and cats apparently :)

  • bulgogiboy

    "Also in a year book was the story of a sister about to be raped in an african country and all the men went blind...."

    The poppycock stories about miracle cheques and magically-appearing boxes of groceries are one thing, but arent stories like the one mentioned above a tad insulting to witnesses who have actually been victims of such crimes? Imagine if you were a sister who had actually been gang-raped (as I understand many in Malawi were), how would this kind of anecdotal sludge make you feel? You would wonder why Jehovah intervened to save another, but not YOU from this deeply traumatising and humiliating experience.

    And the angel 'bodyguards' the little old jw lady had to protect her from the criminal, at the doorstep? Where was the angelic protection for the thousands of witnesses in the Nazi concentration camps? Does God just randomnly intervene to protect his servants on a whim, saving some from violent sexual abuse and death, whilst others are thrown alive into giant ovens in Auschwitz or raped to death by HIV infected mobs in African countries?

  • Kudra

    daniel-p check your messages

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I was a teenager in the 1970's and we had the best JW tall tales back then .

    Who remembers the one about the bethelite out in service in NYC that talks to a UN member ? The Brother is telling the householder about the witness belief that the UN will one day cause religion to be banned .....and the UN member says "How did you know this information ??? It is secret !"

    Also back then Satanic cults were big time stories ....A sister going to the door as a Satanic rite is going on ....

    The one about the sister going to the door of a rapist and of course he did nothing because of her angelic bodyguards.....

    We use to sit around scarying ourselves silly telling demon -attack stories ...someone always knew of someone that was pulled off the bed by her feet by a demon .

    Now some of the more believable stories like pioneers recieving gifts of food or basic needs at the right time .....I know some of those are true . In our hall for example there were some very caring individuals that secretly gave to those in need .

  • dig692

    I remember being told the smurf one, that they walked out of the kingdom hall. I can't believe I fell for it.

    There were always stories going around about demonized dolls or necklaces or furniture that were purchased at yard sales where the owner practiced spriritism and the poor JW who bought one of these items was harrassed by demons and nightmares and all kinds of weird stuff until they got rid of the item and TA-DA! all the weird stuff would stop!

  • jacquicortez

    as a kid those smurf stories were horrible. I had to spend a week at the home of some relatives

    that were not jw's. In fact they were big time catholics anyway my cousin had a life sized smurf

    in the bedroom that i slept in. They had huge dog so i would call her to come in the room so i could get

    some sleep. i thought if the smurf moved the dog would bark and warn me. i kept my eye on that smurf

    but it never moved or talked:)

  • agonus

    I was never crazy about the way Jehovah would supposedly mentally blind the Nazis so they wouldn't find the WT literature/typewriter/contraband when they were searching for it, but he let his people die in ovens in Auschwitz. But then, this is a religion that teaches Jehovah preserved a book (the Bible) over the centuries but not a church. The paper's always been more important than the people.

  • dissed

    agonus - Regarding Nazi's blinded...

    I read a book on the SS once that mentioned some of the SS officers would be blind to evidence when searching a home. (this wasn't specific to the JW's) They didn't REALLY want to nail somone and let it go.

    When I saw that, I thought the 'Bible students' might have been the beneficiaries of that particular form of Nazi blindness.

  • jacquicortez

    I remember how they used to always talk about how "russell, rutherford" (i can't remember which)

    was thrown in Jail for the preaching work or whatever. I used to think to myself "so what!"

    people have been killed and some have spent half in not their whole lives in jail and have been innocent

    so what they spent what a month or two a few days or whatever in jail...

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