How Would You Deal With A Bully?

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  • Heaven

    Have you ever put a bully in his or her place?

    Yes, a couple. I always warn them first verbally. So they know. There was one bully in public school I stood up to when no one else would. He was a boy and I was a girl. I kicked the crap out of his shins. I wouldn't take his nonsense. He was afraid of me. The second bully was a girl. She kept punching me in the arm. After a few warnings I kicked her knee cap off. She never punched me again. The last bully, I divorced after pleading with him to get help.

    I always tell people when they've crossed the line before physically retaliating. So it's their choice. I think that's more than fair.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I tell them I once killed a man just to watch him die.

  • minimus

    If a bully senses you are weak or afraid he will take advantage.

    I've had tough guys attempt to bully me and I've always looked at them without a hint of fear in my eyes and got in their face. I've made it known I wasn't looking for any problem but if I am put into a situation, I WILL not stop. Everytime, these cowards would back off.

  • PSacramento

    Fighting back VS a bully is always an option, just realise what that option may mean:

    You may beat them and that is the end.

    You may beat them and their friends fix you really good.

    You may beat them and for revenge they shoot you after school.

    I am sure other results can be considered as they have happened.

    The world of today is a tad different than the world some of us had growing up.

    Walk away if you can, fight if you must, always be aware of the consequences of BOTH.

  • Twitch

    Walk away if you can, fight if you must, always be aware of the consequences of BOTH.

    Wise words.

    And not all bullies use their fists either,..

  • jamiebowers

    Min, I'm sorry I don't have time to read all the replies. When I was a newspaper reporter I covered a seminar given in my city's school system. There are programs available to teach faculty, staff, students and parents on how to deal with bullying. In a nutshell, parents need to bolster their kid's self confidence by explaining that bullying is simply a way for a troubled person to deflect their own self-loathing onto someone else, thereby keeping their child from forming a victim mentality. Parents should also advise the school as to what's happening. If the school fals to control the situation, legal action may be taken. Students are encouraged to form peer groups that discourage bullying behavior, and the adults at school are supposed to facilitate.

    There's a bunch more you can probably find just by Googling.

  • sooner7nc

    I put an 18" Ridgid pipe wrench in my belt, get out of my truck...

  • zions watchman
    zions watchman

    Its called a tazer 100k's of voltage will get his ass off you. it work for me and the a#$ hole was not a bully just a punk

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