How Would You Deal With A Bully?

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  • spawn

    I knew someome who used to bully his wife then some Biker friends of mine took him out into the woods stripped him naked gaggged him and tied him to a tree, two days later they phoned the police to tell them where he was.

    He never Bullied anyone after that

  • undercover
    It is also good to know how to act "ghetto."

    I don't think that would work for me... I'd be better off with the crazy mountain man ploy. Kinda like Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith show maybe...



    Tell them to do whatever they think,will keep them above ground

    Give them a chance to walk away..

    If that does`nt work..

    Stomp a "Mud Hole" in them..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Robdar
    I tried to raise my first daughter the JW way - no fighting.
    When she started middle school in another area, all that changed.
    She kicked butts and took names. Had to do it.

    Amen, sister Sylvia. The JW way does not work. The only thing bullies respect is an ass kicking.

  • BurnTheShips
    You beat their ass thoroughly. When you are through with beating their ass, you help them up, dust them off, and tell them what a good, hard fight it was and what a worthy opponent they are. They will love you for life and follow you around defending you. (true story)

    No. You beat their ass thoroughly. When you are through with beating their ass, you help them up, dust them off and start beating their ass again. Repeat. Once they can't or won't get up anymore, even with help, you are probably done. Probably. Better to land some kicks just to be sure.

    I got the JW teaching, and that crap doesn't work. First day in a new school when a bully "tries" you, you have to kick their ass or at least do some damage. It doesn't matter so much if you take some hits, you have to land some of your own, and hard. After that, no one will do it anymore. Public schools aren't much different from prisons.


  • Robdar

    LOL @ BTS.

    I probably should have done it just that way but she had already wet her pants by the time I kicked her butt the first time. Oh, and she looked like she had gotten on the wrong side of a wild cat too.

  • undercover

    [email protected] Undercover!!..

    I saw the Guy who played the bully..

    A few weeks ago..

    He`s a grown man now..


  • minimus

    I just got a call at work from a JW, a beautiful girl who asked me for some advice on something I was familiar with. She said she was getting a divorce from her husband, a former Bethelite and MS because he was very physically abusive toward her and she just couldn't handle it. Her husband and entire family always had a terrible temper. The father AND mother used to beat each other and the kids up when they'd start to argue. This girl is delightful and very much a sweet girl. (No one figured it would last so long, 6 years.) Such a shame!

  • dig692

    I have never had to deal with a bully, but if my kids ever did I would tell them to beat the bully's ass to the ground! If they got sent to the principal's office I would walk in there, tell them "good job" and take them out for ice cream!

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