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  • Shada

    Hello Mr RR. My name is Shada how are you? Forgive me for butting in, if you receive any futher information on this would you please be so kind and post it. I am requesting it for personal reasons.


  • SnakesInTheTower


    When I was still a JW about four years ago I got to looking at the old Russell era literature in the library and brought it to the PO's attention about the pyramidology and stuff in it, which I considered Satanic. He mentioned that the Society? CO? had mentioned something about getting rid of the old literature. I don't know if it was a recommendation or directive. It seems that if it was a directive it would have already been done. If it was just an encouragement I could see why they hadn't yet followed through. I don't remember the exact details of what as said.

    I do remember.....since I was an elder at the time in your KH, I can tell you exactly what happened at the time: NOTHING. Hell, they wanted to keep (and I succeeded in getting rid of) old encyclopediasdonated from someone long dead.... The elders had a hard time keeping new light in that library. Now, maybe something changed in 2007 when that KH was gutted and remodeled...maybe something changed and they finally cleared out the library. I did hear they finally painted over that outdated yearbook map....the brother who painted it originally long ago moved...on a more recent visit he asked why it was still

    When I graduated MTS in 2002, this subject of KH libraries was discussed. There was no official directive then, and as of the end of 2006 when I was deleted as an elder by the same elders you talked to, it was never an official directive. As of mid 2007 when I finally walked away, there was still no official directive.

    However, different CO's/elders/etc....different "house rules".... the nearby KH with 2 congos divided up their original library and tried to make as complete a duplicate library for the new sister congo as possible...I know because that became my job..... and I loved the old books so it was not really work for me..... a few years later, a CO (I dont remember which), wanted the old light cleared out...I fought him and said it was part of the Society's "history" and should be kept for newbies... (Ironically, I got rid of the very last of my WT crap yesterday...including NWT bibles...I think I may have kept my dad's old pocket deluxe bible...that's it).

    after I left that congo for MTS ...and subsequently your old congo....I did hear that the duplicates were gotten rid of and possibly the old stuff too... I have heard that there is a push for all new congos/KHs to use a non-internet connected computer with a basic word processor and WT Library and a printer on it. ...but nothing official.

    Funny..... good to see you are still around...

    Snakes (Rich...of the "formerly in 'Death Valley Congregation'" Sheep Class)

  • WTWizard

    I guess they don't want anyone producing a copy of "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". Rather, they want people to think it's "Millions Now Living May Never Die", and always was.

  • FuzzyPaul

    I know, this is eight days too late. The KH I attended up till 4 years ago removed the library from a public area to the room previously used for storage and accessable only from an exterior door.

    I am never going back and the longer I remain out the better I feel. I love being a Baptist. They are a family. Members of my kinfolk keep leaving and have joined me. We pray them out and into Church. All things are accomplished by prayer not by us.

    Loving Regards,


  • kurtbethel

    This is amazing, a religion with a shelf life.

    "Best if believed by 1975."

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They can burn all the books they want but unless they can burn down the internet those books will live forever! I showed a Pioneer brother Russells book with the Pyramid notes and he looked like he had been puched in the stomach!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I have quite a few publications dating back to the 30"s. I was originally going to toss them but i think keeping the books makes more sense. Nothing like a little dirt to keep around

  • TardNFeatheredJW

    Donuthole, love the photo of your library. I'm in PA/NJ, if you ever want to sell a set of Russels Scripture series, let me know.

    Re: the request to destroy older lit, yes, in Kutztown, PA, we had a great library with original bounds back to the 1870s, I used to page through them on occasion, but found it rather difficult to follow most of it (I was probably about 14). I do recall some elder friends discussing the request to destroy old literature, but they did not do it at that time because they couldn't see a good reason to destroy it, instead they chose to keep the research to newer publications. But that request struck me as odd, so I remember it clearly. It's been almost 20 years since I set foot in a KH so I have no idea if they have finally destroyed all the old stuff or not.

    They did, however, remove the AID book.

  • cameo-d

    Boxing the books today.....rolling up the carpet....soon.

  • blondie

    *** km 4/97 p. 7 Question Box ***

    ? What publications should be put in the Theocratic Ministry School library

    ?An abundance of spiritual publications have been provided for the benefit of God’s people. Since many publishers do not possess all of these personally, the Theocratic Ministry School library at the Kingdom Hall provides means for research in publications that might not otherwise be available. Thus, it should be well equipped with a variety of Bible translations, the current publications of the Society, copies of OurKingdomMinistry, bound volumes of TheWatchtower and Awake!, and the WatchTowerPublicationsIndexes. Additionally, a good modern dictionary should be added. If available, encyclopedias, atlases, or reference books on grammar and history may be useful. However, our primary focus should be on the publications provided by "the faithful and discreet slave."—Matt. 24:45.

    In some cases it is reported that books of a questionable nature have been put in the Theocratic Ministry School library. It would not be appropriate to include fictional material, Bible commentaries that highlight higher criticism, or books on philosophy or spiritism. The Theocratic Ministry School library should include only material that will enable those using it to make continued spiritual advancement.—1 Tim. 4:15.

    The school overseer is responsible for the library, although another brother can be assigned to help him in caring for it. He should see that the library is kept current, with new publications being added as soon as they become available. Each book should be clearly marked on the inside cover with the name of the congregation to which it belongs. Annually, the books should be checked to see if any need repair or replacement.

    Everyone can cooperate in caring for the library. Care should be exercised in handling and using the books. Children should not be allowed to play with them, nor should anyone mark them. A neat sign may be displayed as a reminder that the books are not to be taken from the Kingdom Hall.

    With new congregations constantly being formed, it is likely that many libraries are limited in size. Some publishers who own our older publications might consider donating them to the congregation. The elders may want to order the Society’s reprints of Watchtower bound volumes. In these ways, the Theocratic Ministry School library will prove very useful in helping all to uncover the hidden treasures of God’s Word, which give knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.—Prov. 2:4-6.

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