Did Jesus have a haidresser ?

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  • cameo-d

    When Jesus met Elvis....he was rather put off by the sideburns

    But he really dug the outfits! They decided to do a "Prince and the Pauper" switch for a day.

    ElvisJesus.jpg image by baddkittyx

    So Jesus sang....and Elvis could do no wrong!

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    It probably wasn't this guy since .....I mean it was Jesus.

    But, I heard Jesus..... Started...

    Don't ASK Don't TELL

  • cameo-d

    Well, I heard it from Hedda Hopper.....

    once Jesus met Elvis and they hit it off, well, Jesus became something of a nucleus among some of the "in crowd".

    Elvis loved fried chicken...and one day he took his new friend Jesus to meet Colonel Sanders and have a Sunday Chicken Dinner.

    The Colonel was very interested in picking Jesus's brain for some marketing tips and was intrigued as to how Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread.

    Jesus laughed. "Well, of course they exaggerate a bit about me," He said modestly. "There's really no magic to it all. The secret is in the batter."

    He gave Colonel Sanders His recipe for heavy tempura batter and today, the Colonel can feed many crowds with what amounts to about five loaves of bread batter and two shredded chicken breasts. He calls it "Popcorn Chicken."


    There you have it!.. Jesus loves KFC!..

    Thanks for the PM cameo-d!

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • cameo-d


    I got a postcard from Jesus last winter. He said he had finally found a job in the mall. He said it was the only place he could find work where they did not require him to get a haircut.

    He said that seasonal work seems to suit him best anyway because he can choose his own hours and its temporary. He likes to travel, you know, so he just picks up work when he can. Said he's doing some roadside advertising for the merchants this fall. He also said to tell you that he has not made enough pocket change to afford a haircut yet and that new sandals are the priority right now.

    Also, he said he got really lucky lately in spite of this bad economy. He got an offer to do TV ads for an insurance company. He said for me to be sure and tell you "O" (because he doesn't use words that have "hell" in them, i.e. hell-o) and to watch for his ads. He said they will probably do a big ad campaign just before the bad storms are expected.

    Gangsta God

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    A further revelation from the Barber Abbas diaries has just been published although not specifically mentioned in the aforesaid parchments it is now an accepted fact according to the Watchtower of Dec 1st 2010 that Jesus did have a hairstyle to die for . This is evidenced by the illustration on page 18 . This picture also answers the question posed on the back page of the Watchtower , Would you have recognised the Messiah if you had lived in Jesus' day? The answer is obviously yes because he looked so fantastic back then which in part is thanks to the skill of his barber.

    The plain fact of the matter is ,as can be seen from the picture, the Jewish leaders were unkempt with untidiness oozing out of their very being and must have suffered terrible constipation judging by the expressions on their faces. If anyone can display the page it will become quite apparent to all honest people of good will who are by the same token honest seekers of truth. I mean who are you going to believe for goodness sake he who has had a makeover or those who look like they have just got out of the wrong side of the bed after a night out with the temple guards.

    Barber Abbas recomends frizz control for bed head problems.


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