Did Jesus have a haidresser ?

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  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    I coudn't help but notice in a recent Watchtower ( February I think it was). Jesus was pointing the way to some one with two fingers ,not to somebody who had two fingers but pointing the way with two fingers. Just one finger might have give the wrong impression.

    The point is Jesus had what can only be described as this fabulous head of hair .I mean it was like WOW because your worth it ! It was like styled and head and shoulders above the rest. It was like Just for Men and then some. The colour was something to die for.

    What I want to know is this. Is there any archaelogical evidence of a Gallilean barber shop or maybe you have heard of one in Jerusalem. I know the Romans were fond of their baths but hairdressers ?

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    Not to mention those straight, white teeth - almost as nice as Obama's.

    Did he also have an orthodontist?


  • sir82

    Yeah, Jesus used "Grecian Formula 1".

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Well someones got to ask the deep questions.

  • undercover

    Gee...sus, your hair smells terrific!

  • Robdar

    Oh, oh, yall are cracking me up!

  • lepermessiah

    Another nominee for Greatest....Thread......EVER!!

    With that in mind, he must have had one of those very sweet WAHL brand Beard Trimmers too!!

    The pictures in the WT never show one hair out of place.

    I wonder if they had those red and white barber shop poles back in those days.....

    This is starting to remind me of "History of the World - Part I"

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Did Jesus have high lights low lights or new lights?

    New instruction from the Borg as follows. Get your roots touched up every six to eight weeks. Rub vaseline around your hair line as a protective measure before colouring. To remove stains after colouring use a cream cleanser with your cotton balls. Wrap a dark coloured towel around your shoulder ,if you forgot the vaseline and stained your skin use your cotton balls soaked in a little alcohol to remove .At the same time have a little nip of it , evidentially you know it makes sense. Always use gloves and if you get colour in your eyes rinse them out in a bowl of water.

    Forthcoming in the Awake; Can I go red? Short cut Blondes . Famous red heads photo gallery. Your colour is gorgeous what now? Should you strangle your stylist? Plus much more.

  • JimmyPage

    Jesus did indeed have a hairdresser. According to Josephus the man's name was Elton. Jesus had a difficult relationship with Elton, for while he loved his skills with a pair of scissors, he did not approve of Elton's association with a certain BFF named Richard. Elton spent much of his life confused as one minute Jesus was condemning him and the next he was showing him forgiveness. One thing all historians agree on- Elton was a fabulous man! (And possibly a Cher fan.)

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