Did Jesus have a haidresser ?

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  • JimmyPage

    Once in a great while a thread comes along and steals your heart, much like JCanon's loopy thread about the Messiah being a gay man. This is that thread, and there goes my heart!

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Barber Abbas Diary

    Jan.1st AD30.

    Jesus came in today I told him to take a seat and that I would be with him in a minute. Have a look at the portrait sketches around the room see if you fancy any of the hair styles I said. There was a picture of Nero with a shaved head clutching a lyre.Two pictures of Pontius one before he was a pilot and one after. One of Herod with a Mohican , One of John the Baptist but just his head in space not supported by any body.But the one I think which caught the eye of Jesus was the one of Moses all glowing coming round the mountain holding the ten commandments.

    I finished off giving the High Priest a short back and sides and a quick brush up when I noticed Jesus and Caphius were trying to out stare each other in the mirror and I thought to myself, there is going yo be some argy bargy in this town before very much longer I'll wager. Right Jesus your turn next do you want the usual , a bit off the top and a DA at the back? Jesus said yes but trim my sideburns I keep getting mistaken for that Levi Presley. Anway, I said how's tricks ? Jesus replied a little bit curtly I thought .They are not tricks they are miracles if you don't mind. Sorry Jesus just wondering how you are keeping.

  • cameo-d

    The Anti-Christ and Judas were depicted as both having red hair and as both coming from the Tribe of Dan.


    Did Judas dye his hair? Did Elton know his secret? Did Jesus ever see Judas' roots and suspect he would be an evil one?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I think Moses was able to make a very nice part. W.Once

  • undercover

    Samson was a like a little kid when it came to messing with his hair.

    Aww, Mo-o-o-m-m-m...do I hafta get a haircut? I'd rather have hot pokers in my eyes...

  • Nathan Natas
  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Barber Abbas Diary

    Jan 1st 30AD.

    Jesus came back in the afternoon asking if I had any of that perfumed oil which was poured over him at Bethany. I said ,"Jesus you are a bit whiffy to say the least where have you been for goodness sake ?"

    Jesus went on to explain that after he left this morning he went for a quiet stroll on the Sea of Galilee but unfortunately one of his flippers perished and he ended up under the waves. But luckily he had his snorkel with him which enabled him to swim back to shore. But he did tell me something quite startling . Filling me with foreboding he went on to ask me if I knew that the Isralies' had a submarine because he had seen it with his own goggles. I said "oivay oivay already what do you take me for some kind of shmuck?"

    "I'm serious and I know what I saw it even had the star of David on the bow, and my bad luck , although I don't believe in luck, the Sanhedrin and Caiaphus know that I know." replied Jesus.

    Were you followed , they haven't got the sniffer dogs out and followed your scent back to here because this could be bad for business already, think of my reputation? I have by Royal Appointment on the sign outside.

    Eventually I persuaded him to head for the mountains until things settled down. I gave him the oil , steamed up the hot towels to freshen the place up a bit and off he went into hiding ,muttering something about retuning on a donkey which might need a wash and a blow dry.

  • kurtbethel

    Jesus was a Supercuts regular, shown here in the Live Forever book.

    supercuts jesus

  • cameo-d

    Barber Abbas,

    When did Jesus start that fad, the popular sweat band look?

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes


    That's the clincher for me hairstyles to die for. That definately proves not only did Jesus have a hairdresser but it appears , it is also evident ,one must conclude, that the early governing body went to barber Abbas as well. They all wanted to be a cut above everyone else so they followed Jesus's example and asked Barber Abbas for the Anglo Saxon look. I have heard that the sisters working in the Jerusalem Bethel in AD 30 started to swoon when the haircuts walked through the door. It also gave one or two of the other brothers a bit of a knee trembler as well.

    What was Jesus saying to the apostle in the clinch: " Trust me, blondes do have more fun, put some white water old spice on it will be fine."

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