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  • Terry

    I'm going to ask you a question. But first, I'm going to set the question up properly.

    The original Christianity became officially established when the Catholic Church found Constantine as its protector and defender in the mid 4th century.

    That Church grew mighty, powerful and exerted an influence over vast reaches of the earth.

    The Church had an absolute fetish for anything of nature deemed "holy" that might be a relic of Jesus or his Apostles or (as time went by) any Saint.

    This took the form of conserving the True Cross, splinters from the true cross (one in the Pope's ring!) the bones of martyrs, robes, chalices, knuckles, fingers, etc. of apostles......the list is vast and endless.

    Helena, Constantine's wife, spent a lot of time and money in search of the True Cross and a market started that continued for centuries trading in relics and other connections with Jesus and the Apostles. Most famous among them was the search for the Holy Grail.

    Now that is the setup to my actual question. Ready for it?

    Doesn't it seem very odd to you, strange and mysterious---in fact, passing all understanding that in view of the Church's passion for such items THE BIBLE itself was NOT PRESERVED??

    Is that not AMAZING?


    Is amazing the wrong word?

    Maybe we should ask: Isn't it SUSPICIOUS?

    Out of all the physical artifacts that have ever existed on Planet Earth wouldn't you think the very most valuable one to preserve for all manking for all time would be the COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE TRUE GOD AND MAN???

    Or, should we conclude there is something more sinister at work?

    Your thoughts?



    Sorry Terry, I am past caring about anything having to do with Christianity. I'm just waking up to the fact that the world is controlled by the corporations and the god stuff is not something I care about. I think it's one way the powers that be keep us busy so we won't realize what is really going on. I believe it's all kool-aid.

  • sooner7nc

    That is a very well thought out angle Terry. I had never considered that question and would have to say that yes that is very suspicious. Of course, why save something that you intend to change to serve your own interests? Very interesting indeed.

  • cameo-d

    I think it goes back to actually defining the word "Holy". Isn't there enough evidence to substantiate that the "Holy Ones" were the various "Gods & Rulers Class"?

    Maybe the search for "holy" artifacts is simply a ruse to throw people off the scent of what "Holy Ones" actually represents. ("Holy" as meaning "entitled")

  • dissed

    I find your point interesting to consider.

    When traveling to Europe we always included the Cathedrals for the historical nature and fabulous art. Each one had it's claim to fame with relics as the center piece.

    Our fav: Right near the famous Paris Notre Dame was a smaller church who's boast was "We used to have the crown of thorns" But it was stolen during the revolution.

    Many of these relics were brought back from the crusades who supposedly found them in the Holy Lands, not so much the Roman Church who might have had them in storage.

    The Church has in its possesion many of the oldest known manuscripts.

  • leec

    I think there is a lot of stuff in the Vatican library that no one knows about ... except for the um .. vaticanites.

  • yknot

    I figured I would post my 'first reaction'....... (Great question too!)

    NO it doesn't suprise me.....we are talking about the Catholic Church!.....The ones who wanted to keep the Bible from being printed for the masses!

    Knowledge = Power or Self-guidance

    (I must note that as a born-in I was taught that all those 'things' the Catholics attach 'holiness' to are nothing more than cloaked pagan idolatry-- which is probably why I don't really get the hype over Dan Brown)

  • OnTheWayOut

    Did you see ANGELS AND DEMONS? How do you know they don't have something of the original writings in the basement of the Vatican?

    It would be well preserved but never available for anyone to prove it's actual age or to try to examine the style of the writing.

    Even if they don't have originals (and they almost certainly do not have them), there are probably documents that help them piece together when scriptures were written by whom (certainly not Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and those documents are never available.

  • yknot

    Okay so the RCC wants to have authority over all.........didn't we all learn this in history class during the Spanish Inquisition, Henry 8th, Mary Queen of Scott......

    It always seems to me that the only thing that does come out of the RCC is all those superstitions........the Catholics adore superstitions.

    But further.....since the 'bible' was assembled by men in 325 it does beg the question of what exactly was considered 'scripture' in or around 60CE when Paul wrote Timothy.

    This is when my brain has to admit that ultimately the Bible is a collection of stories from one group and a latter off-shoot combined some 300 or more years after the fact and with all authors dead and buried.......that faith is what we as individuals make it

  • FlyingHighNow

    Terry, strict fundamentalist Christians are under the impression that it was preserved. A lot of Christians don't think it was.

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