Before I washed the dishes this morning................!

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  • iknowall558

    Before I washed the dishes this morning.............

    I noticed a couple of well dressed men in dark suits passing by my window. I jumped up to have a closer look and saw a whole hoard of witnesses in the street knocking on my neighbours doors. I was only up about a half hour and looked a mess, but it didnt stop me grabbing my coat and my bag, (which is heaving with 'Danger' leaflets), and I got out there as quickly as I could. I was immediately spotted by an elder. He stopped writing in his notepad and stayed still while he looked to see what I was gonna do. I eyed up the situation, as the witnesses were working round the street in opposite directions, and would ultimately meet up in the middle somewhere. I got in my car and drove for '30 seconds' to 'the middle somewhere', and started opening the gate to deliver my first tract. I came across another elder working with a brother after 2 seconds and beat them into the next house. I said a cheery hello to them. I continued on for a minute or two, and when I turned the corner, there they all were. I was weaving in and out of them all, ( Its commonly called....'working over and over with someone'), delivering my tracts as they were delivering theirs. Sometimes I was at the same door at the same time, or I would hand the tract to the householder while they were already talking to the witnesses. I just said 'excuse me please' and they stepped aside for me.

    I was cheery, non-confrontational and said hello to all of them as I came across them. The CO's wife, (yes, its bang in the middle of the visit), who obviously doesn't know who I am, exchanged a few words with me, of how we were in competition of getting to deliver leaflets this morning. I laughed my stage laugh and commented , "Yes, it really needs to be done doesnt it........I'm doing a warning work as well."

    Initially they all looked a bit taken aback and ashen faced.....especially the elders who were out. But after gathering on the corner for a few minutes, as witnesses often do, they then spread out and started talking cheerily in loud tones going about their work. They were obviously given a pep talk to keep going, in spite of Satans twin sister being out with them this morning.

    I really, really, never had this much fun going out in the ministry before. I am only 5ft 1, but felt mighty big and bold in the face of all these true Christians this morning. I am amazed at my lack of nerves and lack of fear. What a great start to my day. My dishes are done now....and I am off to practice my song for the karaoke at the pub tonight.

    Happy Days !

  • DocBob

    Brilliant! I can just picture you doing this. I never catch them working my neighborhood.

    In about an hour I'll be off to the local bakery/coffee shop. My old JW friends take coffee break there. I show up there often just to let them know that I'm still doing fine. :)

  • chickpea

    satan's twin sister!!! LOL brilliant

    thank you for your bold defense of the truth...
    probably the only thing holding armageddon at bay


  • cry

    How brave of you - you deserve a medal. Wish we could all have joined you on a mass anti-witness witness.

  • highdose

    whats a danger leaflet? what danger are you warning about?

  • iknowall558

    "Danger ..."

    These can be ordered from 'First and Last Ministries' of charge.

  • iknowall558

    The amazing thing is, that I was trying my hardest to be out a day before certain streets were worked, during the CO visit, but couldnt find out what territory was going to be worked each day. And Viola ! I wake up, and there they are..! I was handed it on a plate this morning. : )

  • cofty

    That was brilliant well done! They will feel all persecuted now haha

  • mouthy

    And Viola ! I wake up, and there they are..! I was handed it on a plate this morning. : )

    No the good LORD arranged that for you... GOOD WORK GIRL!!!Your a blessing to us all
    & to those who received the Danger Warning....Send your time into Bethel...

  • Perry
    ........I'm doing a warning work as well."

    Love it!!!

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