Scriptures engraved in artillery

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  • PSacramento

    When I served I always felt uncomfortable when I saw guys doing stuff liek that, or saw pictures of "God Bless *insert country here* on artillery shells or missles.

    As some of you may know, I was a sniper and served in Bosnia, and I did what needed to be done.

    I wasn't very religious at the time and under those circumstances I felt we were doing lots of good over there.

    I do know that I will have to answer for what I did, I just hope the intent of what I did was "righteous".

    But I never glorified it or even then, believed that it was right under God, it was nesscessary.

  • cameo-d

    JO: Stir up the rage, anger, hate, anti-Americanism. Keep it going. And it works, doesn't it? Look at all of you just eager for the taste of red meat and blood, eating this sh*t up and making a big nasty deal out of a company that uses Bible verses in its product codes. Another excuse for you.

    So inscribing scripture on weaponry is the American thing to do?


    I guess all this gives new meaning to being "slain in the spirit" and "death decreed by the word of god". It seems to somehow alleviate the personal responsibility.

    What do you all think would be a good scripture to inscribe on the bullets when they decide to turn "the word of god" on all whom they consider apostates?

    How do you know the arrows belong to Zeus? When they have his name on them.

    All apostates are scheduled to die by the word/hand of god. (Didn't you read any of the mags?)

    "Slain by the sword"...

    What would you like on your TombStone?

  • journey-on
    So inscribing scripture on weaponry is the American thing to do?

    I didn't say that, cameo, nor did I even suggest it. I inferred that any excuse, including this one, is used nowadays to stir up hate against America. Words were not inscribed on any weapon, btw. You are exaggerating as usual out of your paranoia about anything religious.

  • villabolo

    Journey-on: "Words were not inscribed on any weapon, btw."

    So what do the Scripture citations refer to? Algebra? They represent words which in turn represent thoughts. And when the translation finally dawns on you, it is with reference to a genocidal religion whose teachings call you eternal toast for not submitting to their messiah.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I saw on the news that the company is going to remove the scriptures.

  • BurnTheShips

    ABC reports that the secret Jesus codes are known to take dutiful unsuspecting soldiers and sent them into rampagaes "reminiscent of 'Jenjis' Khan".

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