A Demon Experience?......This was/is very serious to me.

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  • awildflower

    Stonewall, we were all with him when we took the mattress and dumped it in a dumpster somewhere, can't remember where now. And I don't want to perform any type of experiment with that kind of thing. I can't explain why the mattress (if indeed it was). All I know is that when it was there it was happening and when it was gone it immediately stopped. Again, I don't know how to explain it. But if we are talking about "bad energy", could that linger on an object? Especially something like a mattress? Who knows where it had been before and what had happened on it.............wf

  • Chalam

    Chalam , just plain creepy!

    Fact is stranger than fiction.

    First time I saw Pastor Marcos was on Sky TV in the UK, Ross Kemp on gangs in Brazil.

    He was in Rio prison and a man with an affliction was on the floor moving sideways like a crab.

    I don't think one could do those moves if one tried.

    Well watch a few more on YouTube. People will all kinds of manifestations, barking and growling like dogs, speaking in different voices (women taking with an aggressive male voice), totally irrational physical movements and stuff.

    Anyhow, look for the fruit. Most of these people have serious problems, drugs, prostitution, gang violence etc.

    If you learn portuguese you can hear the stories of countless who have been delivered those ways of life in the name of Jesus :)

    So back to your situation, I remember watching a program about a family who moved into a council house in the UK. They had all types of problems from a "poltergeist" who was there. Many people came to their aid but to no success, even the local priest with his "holy water".

    Towards the end of the program, the man of the house had the the carpet up. He found between the floor boards Tarot cards which had been burnt. The occult practices the were going on before they moved in had created the problem.

    Well enough talk about the enemy. Like I said, focus on the Holy Spirit, He is around plenty too and the fruit is always good :)



  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    some jag-off flopping around on the floor while other guys in suits pretend to pull spirits out him in high comedy to me.

  • rebel8

    So if it's now Satan then what was it? Any ideas?.............wf

    It is quite common for our brains to hallucinate.

    Someone millions of years ago invented the concept of demons to explain the unexplained. That doesn't make it any more plausible than any other possible explanation for your daughter's experience.

    You said you're a skeptic, so I am probably stating the obvious.


  • Twitch

    I had a girlfriend once who's mother was a devout catholic. When she prayed sometimes, she would go into a state where her teeth would chatter, even speaking in tongues sometimes. They both believed it was holy spirit. I asked my ex what made her so sure it wasn't a demon? After all, they have an influence on us too don't they?

    Funny thing was that the ex was a psychologist yet believed this was holy spirit. Never understood that one. Faith is stronger than reason I guess.

  • VoidEater

    I think it rather likely that the stress of the move - which puts everyone on edge - had more to do with it than demons.

    Children personalize everything. Everything bad or stressful is their fault, in their mind. Mommy and daddy are mad, it's their fault. You move, it's their fault. Often they have to some up with a reason that it is their fault, and "I want to have sex with Satan" sounds like a typical scenario for a young mind to latch onto - things are bad because, obviously, I want to have sex with Satan - what could be worse? That must be it!

    I would think it is coincidence that the mattress went away at a time when she was perhaps settling down - or, conversely, the removal of the mattress was a way for her to conclude that things were OK now. The removal becomes a trigger for a return to normalcy, and sometimes a child needs a reason why things can now be alright again. Besides, she undoubtedly picked up on the whole "the mattress is demonized" theme as it was discussed and its removal became quite a ritual. It's not unusual for a child's attachment of causation to change like this - Bad THings are happening, it must be my fault, it must be that I want to have sex with Satan, oh wait there's a demonized mattress, ok it's gone everything's ok again.

    Funny how that can work: a child internalizes blame for something bad, and then takes a cue from the outer world that everything's alright now.

    As an aside, it is not too unusual for a child of 5 to be interested in the physical sensations of his body - however, detailed articulation of sex scenes may be an indicator that they have been exposed to sexual behavior in media or may have been exposed to some degree of interference. I wouldn't get too upset, and it was 15 years ago, but if it were to happen today I would ask the child if he was play acting something he had seen, or if that was just something that felt nice.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread


    What you experienced was exactly what you thought it was before you posted it here.

    Judge Dread

  • awildflower

    Again, thanks for the variety of responses. Void, although I appreciate your thoughts as well, I really don't think it's an explanation for my situation. It doesn't resonate with me. For one thing, this wasn't our first move. She's been moving every two years since she was born. That's the military for you. We've never had any complications moving, in fact, aside from normal stress of a different routine, we have always enjoyed this part of the military. We have lived and traveled to many places. When she was coming to me with these thoughts, she was disturbed. It wasn't like she was coming to me curious and it's not like she was rebelling in some way for extreme attention. She was coming to me very, very disturbed and didn't understand. She was so upset about this. And although I know as parents we can't catch everything our children watch, if you knew the kind of jw I was, I was VERY strict about movies, books, going to someone else's house. And my kids have home schooled most of their lives!

    Again great comments. I'm leaning toward just not being able to explain all things, hmmmmm........wf

  • frankiespeakin


    Broadly speaking, it appears unreasonable to dismiss something so culturally pervasive just because it cannot be proven scientifically. A large portion of current medical practice is still awaiting scientifically sound evidence from trials. If possession syndromes deserve so little recognition, one could reasonably ask, what is the point of establishing and emphasizing the importance of a spiritual dimension in the psychiatric literature? Jinni possession is an important concept in many traditional as well as nontraditional societies, and many patients who are given psychiatric diagnoses based on symptomatology don't necessarily respond to medications, yet have been known to benefit from shamanic treatment. Epilepsy is sometimes associated with magical thinking or the influence of demons, and in many parts of the world is being addressed by shamans and faith healers.

    Some patients who were considered affected by demons and treated with neuroleptics subsequently experienced remission, suggesting strong support for a biochemical theory. There may also be a possible explanatory role related to abnormal functioning of brain-stem structures in the region of the fourth ventricle, whether caused by genetic or environmental factors or a combination thereof.

    Scientists continue to argue against possession as an etiological factor responsible for mental illness, but the fact remains that refuting something that science cannot prove is inappropriate on the basis of our limited understanding of the world and its creations. There should always be room for new ideas, theories, and beliefs. In the aforementioned context, it may be acceptable to say that jinni may be a scientific entity, which, if understood by more psychiatrists, could revolutionize the field of psychiatry and human behavior. So let's continue the journey in search of a scientific basis for demonic possession. ?

    • American Psychiatric Association
  • StoneWall

    All I want to know is the Elder that helped take off the mattress still an Elder? Please tell me he's not.

    I woulda figured if he felt that strongly about that it was/might be demonized that he would have wanted to burn it

    utterly and try to completely destroy it.

    So it seems his answer was lets just get it out of your hair and to heck with whatever homeless person might pull it

    out of the dumpster and then become demon possessed and then go on a homicidal killing spree.

    I would love to find that mattress.

    Because if I can prove demon's in it then that would do nothing but build my belief in God,angels the afterlife etc.

    Because if there's demons then the next logical step is that there's probably some good guys(Angels) out there.

    That would be the proof I'm looking for.

    Some people might say well what if it is demonized and it kills you? My answer would be the same as it always has been,

    I'd die a happy man knowing that I got killed by a spirit creature(demon) and that there really is something else out there

    instead of growing old and becoming a senile,invalid passing away at 80 or 90 in a nursing home.

    We all take chances each and everyday with our lives as soon as we get into a car/truck/train/plane etc.. knowing full

    well that the odds are high if they crash that we could die.

    I would view this in the same light. I'm so tired of books,magazines,doctored photos,fuzzy images etc. trying to convince

    people of spirits(whether good or bad).

    If they're so determined to make themselves known, then i say do it. Quit hiding and playing and come out into the open.

    If they can show themselves or affect some people,then why not come out and show us all.

    Same with Martians and space aliens. Don't abduct just a few people. Heck come get me and i'll jump willingly onto the

    spaceship. I want to know whats out there. Kinda like X-Files :)

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