A Demon Experience?......This was/is very serious to me.

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  • HappyGuy


    I lived with aboriginal tribes for several years after I left the Witnesses. I also got very involved in magic (not the rabbit out of the hat stuff, real magic). I have seen things from the supernatural world that I know are real. There are malevolent spirit beings. No one knows what they really are, I do not think they are the demons of the Bible. I also do not think that they are former humans (ghosts). What I do know about them is that anyone who ever comes into contact with them is TERRIFIED OUT OF THEIR MIND and their is no doubt in their mind what happened. Having said that, they won't bother you if you don't go looking for them. Contacting them takes being very involved with extreme magical practices or being very involved with someone who is a practicer of magic. These malevolent spirit creatures don't just randomly come mess with people, there has to be a reason and someone very powerful has to be directly involved. They don't transfer their "spirits" to objects, so you can't just lay something around and "infect" someone else with it.

    I don't know what happened to your child. I do know that it was not "demons".

    When I was a teenager (and a JW) I had several experience that I believed to be "demons". Now I know that they were not, now I think that I was in that half awake, half dreamtime state where the mind hallucinates. Also, the JW cult pushes belief in demons so hard that I think my mind was playing tricks on me. I'm not saying that is what is happening in your child's case. I'm just saying that belief can have manifestation (which is not real) if believed strongly enough.

    Anyway, I think the energy comments might be closer to the truth. But, I wouldn't worry about "demons" the malevolent spirit creatures don't work that way. Unless you lately joined the Santeria cult, or became enemies of a high priestess of Kali. No, I thought not.

  • awildflower

    Very interesting HappyGuy, thank you for that!......wf

  • SixofNine

    ::Scotsman, then whay did my daughter have those awful thoughts if it was NOT demons doing it?

    Why are they "awful thoughts" except to the extent she would feel guilt or shame from them?

    Children experiencing there own sexuality, or commenting on the sexuality around them (do you have MTV, HBO, Showtime, ABC, Discovery channel, National Geographic, etc etc etc etc etc etc in the house) is not demonism. Mental illness is not demonism.

    Nor does any of this need a supernatural explanation.

    "oh, but is seems so weird of my little Johnny"... well imagine how it felt for them; to this day their parents can't accept it.

    Your religion has stories of angels/demons having sex with the daughters of men.... Do you think kids don't notice that stuff?

  • Chalam

    No need to understand portuguese, a picture is worth a thousand words.




  • nelly136

    your littlun probably wouldnt have heard weird stuff like that day to day from normal people...........but jw kids are exposed to demons and satan sins and sex at the hall on a regular basis, the first place i learnt about beastiality was jw literature, its certainly not something i heard in a playground from other kids.

    the jws are fixated with satan demons negative and bad things, anything and everything is blamed on satan,sex and sin are blamed on satan and we were taught at the hall that angels could have sex with humans (thus the flood) etc etc.

    as a kid i had horrible nightmares, usually the not getting through armageddon and being destroyed. sins real and imagined could set of a worry chain.

    when the fire station siren went off at night i'd wake up dreading it was armageddon, and if i had to go to the loo in the night, i had to jump the last 3 foot by my bed so the monsters demons witches that were hiding there wouldnt be able to grab me. we didnt have a tv until i was much older, my reading materials and music were closely censored ...... apart from jw literature. the paradise book pictures gave me great nightmares.

    i dont think it would be any stretch of a childs imagination to confuse something they've heard at a meeting into something of a similar nature as scary or weird as the stuff we were brought up with.

    and yes i believe in negative energy, i think jws exude the stuff in buckets. who else can get excited about disasters and look forward to the genocide of billions.

  • BluesBrother

    I am just glad that your daughter has come out of it O K .

    I have no personal experiences to offer but I only have a conviction that the J W viewpoint of angels and demons does not add up to reality. I am not going to say that everything in the world is rational or understood, because it clearly isn't..........

  • awildflower

    I'm pretty sure, sixofnine, that this wasn't something like exploring what she knew, if anything, about sexual behavior etc... In fact very little of it had to do with sex. I posted that ONE of the things she used to say was "she wanted to have sex with Satan". This was a thought in her head of course, and it disturbed her very, very much. She didn't WANT to do that of course. There were other 'dark' things she would say and think and it just seemed to come from something other than natural exploration. And she's not mentally ill at all. And the way it made her feel was horrible. IMO, curiosity over any subject wouldn't make you feel as dark as she did. So although I appreciate your take on it, and I can't all together rule out what you are saying, it just doesn't seem to fit my experience here.

    Nelly, I appreciate your thoughts as well, but up until this time she had NEVER spoke of things like this before, neither had I had any experience like this with my son who is six years older than her. And although we were very active jw's, like I said before, that 'demon', 'satan' stuff was really not given much infuses outside of what we heard from a meeting or convention or something. But I will agree with you on one thing, I think I have underestimated what our kids were hearing from the platform. As adults, once you've heard this crap once you tend to tune it out the rest of your life while your sitting at the same ol' meetings, but I never thought about how it must sound to a child for the very first time. Maybe because she was 7, her attention at the hall changed into really listening to the words and she got that stuff from there??

    And remember, when we got rid of the mattress it all stopped. But one poster said evil doesn't attach itself to objects so idk........wf

  • awildflower

    Chalam, just plain creepy!

  • awildflower

    BluesBrothers, thank you and I agree. We just can't explain it all can we............

  • StoneWall
    So the elder comes over loads the thing up and throws it out.

    Throws it out? Where? Just outside? Do you know where he actually took it too?

    He may have took it home and him and his wife having the best sex ever.

    But all joking aside, it would have been interesting to take the mattress far away for a couple months to see what

    happened while it was gone...then to bring it back into the house and see if the incidents started back up again.

    The scientific/rational side of my brain says to try and duplicate it again to see if you get the same results.

    Sorta like testing a theory.

    I've never understood why demons would want to possess inanimate objects(such as pictures,books,lamps,mattresses)

    when every time I've read about them in the bible it was animate creatures(people,swine etc.) To this day I can't recall

    even in the bible anywhere that demons supposedly infected an object.

    Has anyone else ever seen that even in scripture?

    If I was a demon and had a choice in possessing either an object(picture,sculpture etc.) or a person(Cindy Crawford)

    it wouldn't be hard to figure out which one I'd choose. :)

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