A Demon Experience?......This was/is very serious to me.

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  • awildflower

    So when we moved here from Maine to Okc, six years ago this coming April, my daughter was 7. The military moved us so it brings a big moving truck to your house and unloads all of your stuff etc. We had been settling in for a few months and my daughter starting telling me that she was hearing things in her room. Small things at first, just enough to prick up her ears. Then she started to say really disturbing things like, "I want to have sex with Satan", and dark things like that. Now I know what some might be thinking, but this was NOT may daughter she was saying things that at her age she had never even heard before. I'm not saying she was possessed but something evil seemed to be disturbing her thoughts. At first I didn't even think along the lines of Satan or evil, I just thought because of the move we are all a little stressed and in fact I used to get very angry at her for saying things like that. As very active jw's that was a complete no no. But it was sad because she didn't WANT to say those things, she just had those thoughts and she was trying to get help from me.

    Well things progress through the months and she was starting to get more freaked out. She said someone was calling her name in her room and I just dismissed it (why? I don't know, but it pains me to this day) and would tell her to go back to bed. Well then I noticed that all of us were on edge and fighting and stuff. Fast forward.......it gets to the point where it clicks with me that my daughter is somehow being harassed by demons so I go to one of the elders in the hall for help. He told us to see if there was anything in the house that was new or different that we didn't have before. Well because of the strict jw that I was I knew already that I didn't have books or movies of that sort of obvious thing so I start thinking. Then I remembered when the movers unloaded our stuff, they unloaded a twin mattress that wasn't ours. That happens a lot in the military moves. I didn't really questioned it, in fact I needed an extra twin mattress for my daughters bunk bed so that's where it ended up and it's the one she was sleeping on every night. (To this day I don't know why I would have even thought of keeping something that wasn't mine) The day we were trying to figure out what might have been causing the problem, my husband and I at the same time concluded this mattress. So the elder comes over loads the thing up and throws it out. Then all of that stuff stopped. My daughter went back to her normal self and it's like that whole thing never happened.

    Here's the thing: I'm a huge skeptic! Even as a jw I wasn't freaked out about Satan or demons or anything although I did follow the wt rules on that kind of thing. But when I look back on it now, all I can say in all seriousness is our experience was real and it was devastating at the time. Other things happened to all of us that just was not in our character either. So my question now is, What was that? Now that I've been away from the org I have books and movies that would have been considered demonic in the org, my daughter reads a ton of vampire books and she loves movies that creep her out and nothing! No "demon" activity, every thing is fine. Are there demons? Is there really evil? I'm leaning toward statements like "bad energy" instead. This has bothered me for a long time and would like some serious help and answers with it. All I know for sure is that it happened but I can't explain it.

    So if it's now Satan then what was it? Any ideas?.............wf

  • SixofNine
    then what was it?

    Stress of moving, mental and emotional problems superimposed over Jehovah's Witness demon beliefs. Both for her, and for you. Possibly confusing sexual feelings for her.

    Also, I wouldn't be 100% sure, if I were you, that "she was saying things that at her age she had never even heard before". There is simply no way you could know what she's heard. It's impossible. However, let's say that you're right, and she has never heard the phrase "I want to have sex with Satan" in some movie or book, or from some creepy kid at school. What we do know is that she has most certainly heard the words "Satan" and "Sex" and, being a JW, has even had the two connected for her, along with lots of negative connotations for both.

  • joelingeorgia

    I used to have demonic dreams quite frequently until I stopped believing in demons.

    My question would be, why would an immortal spirit being "attach" itself to something

    like a mattress?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't think they're "immortal spirit beings." I'm more in line with the "bad energy" concept (though I'm far from certain of anything right now). Then again, it could have been something as simple as her sleeping posture changed with that new mattress, causing her to dream differently. I don't know why I'm posting here anyway; I don't know a thing, apparently.

  • yellow

    Wildflower I have no explanation for what happened to your daughter but can only relate to you a very similar thing that happened to my 5 year old son over 15 years ago.

    We had moved to a new flat and my son was acting very strangely I thought it was due to the move or the fact I had recently seperated from my husband thinking his behaviour was due to stress. His personality had completey changed, he was recalling events from the bible about angels and demons battling with each other. I thought he was picking up things from the book study (we were studying the book of Revelation at the time)

    But this didn`t explain the behaviour he was seeing imaginary friends, their was 5 of them, he wanted me to be their friend and hold their hands I couldn`t even see them. I dismissed this as kids having imaginary friends. He was simulating sexual intercourse with his teddies something as an active dub like yourself I would never have let him watch stuff like that. The whole thing totally scared me. We moved to a friends house for a few days hoping things would improve but he was still doing all this weird stuff. This was behaviour was only evident to me. For when we were around our friends the behaviour would stop.

    After a week we went back to the flat. A few items were burned as per the elders instructions. But no relief items were being moved around the house the pet cat was very nervy round my son. I kid you not.

    A friend stayed overnight and heard voices talking (hes not schizophrenic) And a few days later it all stopped, my son came into my room in the morning and said that they had all gone away.

    He now has no recollection of what happened or of any memory before the age of 5. I still wonder to this day what it was, like you.

  • Chalam

    Hello WF,

    The WT have talked so much baloney about the subject that most exJWs dismiss their existence.

    However, your account sounds more than credible to me.

    Ask yourself this, does energy speak?

    No doubt something depraved was going on on that mattress before you had it.

    Personally I have seen enough of these spirits to know that they are ugly in every respect. I wholly agree with the change in atmosphere you saw in your home when these spirits entered your domain, I have seen that firsthand.

    The Spirit you want to encounter is the Spirit of the living God. When He is in the house the atmosphere is awesome :)



  • nugget

    As witnesses we are highly sugestable Minimus' thread on demons shows this. This may explain some of it. When you believed your house was free of demonic influence your child believed. It doesn't explain it just offers an alternative point of view.

    I don't know if demons in the JW sense exist but I do know that sometimes unexplained things can happen and I would not like to belittle your experience. I have had people recount first hand experiences that were difficult to explain and they seemed very sincere.

  • awildflower

    Thanks for your responses so far. I would love to write the experience off as "stress" or over exposure to the subject (as we all know that's all the jw's ever focus on!). But I can't. I'm a very logic, real, nothing dramatic about me kind of person. Let's just say that if I still believe in demon activity (and at this point I'm not sure what I believe) it's because of this experience. It was just so out of character for all of us and it just felt different. Maybe that's how bad energy feels?

    Yellow, It's good to know I'm not alone!

    We have all since of course moved on from this but I always wonder about it especially now that I'm coming away from a belief system. Before I believed it was demon activity, now if it's not that, I wonder what it was. I honestly don't think my daughter could have just come up with this stuff on her own. It just wasn't her..........wf

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman
    Are there demons? Is there really evil?

    No doubt demons exist - whether they would come to your house and make a child say "I want to have sex with Satan" is another thing!!!

    I used to have demonic dreams quite frequently until I stopped believing in demons.

    I do not accept that all such experiences can be catagorized as dreams - I have heard about far to many that are way way beyond the dream state.

  • awildflower

    Scotsman, then whay did my daughter have those awful thoughts if it was NOT demons doing it?

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