Any Ideas on the Next "Big Thing" that Will Bring the Watchtower Down?

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  • DrJohnStMark

    The Watchtower religion is built on sand so it can sink. It is based on the neverlasting teachings of the Governing Body and on their authority, which is rapidly eroded by information (e.g. on their previous predictions). In this they are different from some other major religions, which are built on long traditions and old holy books... basically on nothing but that is a healthier basis for a religion.

  • RubaDub

    Doesn't the term "Next" Big Thing that Will Bring the Watchtower Down assume a previous Big Thing that brought the Watchtower Down ???

    I can't recall what would be classified as a "Big Thing" in modern JW times.

    Rub a Dub

  • jamiebowers
    Doesn't the term "Next" Big Thing that Will Bring the Watchtower Down assume a previous Big Thing that brought the Watchtower Down ???

    RubaDub, yes it does. Many thought the UN and child molestation scandals would do it. I'm quite certain there isn't anything that could bring the hardcore jws out, but I do like to know the scoop on WT scandals. That's why I made the post.

  • Gayle

    I wonder if it has to do with the magazines going to be printed now in Canada. Maybe just saving money. But in what way would that be?

    Also, when I was at Bethel ('69-'74) the WTS sent in a tax value to IRS of our room and board, a few tokens and a clothing allowance of about $100/yr. On my Social Security Statement, it shows annual "earnings" for 1970 - $837, 1971 - $901, 1972 - $968, 1973 - $953. However, later, and I can't remember when, the WTS stopped doing that for Bethelites. Now, with all these Bethel layoffs, and many going back into the real world and possibly trying to get some Social Security Benefits, that there could be a big tax issue about this as Bethelites age and having to leave Bethel that there is no social security monies for them.

    Wasn't this a big issue for Spain recently? I am not sure as every government is different. But Spain branch, at least printing part, closed down and the printing is done elsewhere, is it Germany now?

  • flipper

    JAMIE- There was a poster who was on here awhile back who had been DFed and was at Bethel - and had some kind of case going against the WT society over not paying for his disability for injuries sustained or some such thing he incurred while at Bethel. He was writing a book on it and he briefly came on the board and was VERY cautious and closed mouth about it as everything was still in the works at that time. This I believe was last summer of 2009. Can't remember the name of the poster - but he sounded legit.

    That is ONE consideration. Two other possibilities in my mind would be if higher up WT attorneys or even GB members themselves had participated in an extortion or fraud ring which got out of hand and millions of $$$$$ were illegally found to be extorted from rank and file witnesses. THAT might make the NBC news and really cause the WT powers to squirm.

    The second possibility is if one or more of the governing body members had been accused of child abuse and some victims who were rich and had the financial ability to PURSUE it in the court systems were possibly doing that the last few years ( as we know it takes time ) and the lid exploded off of THAT like it did with higher up Bishops or Cardinals in the Catholic church - the WT society would have a hornet's nest and absolute PR nightmare to deal with. So that is my 2 cents from things I have heard

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Are you thinking of this guy flipper?

  • flipper

    MICKEY MOUSE- Yes, I believe that was the guy I'm talking about for sure. Thanks for the link

  • dissed

    Big thing??

    To bring down a nation of 7,000,000 Zombies with one stroke can't happen, but.......

    Things cause people to start and think.

    Being treated poorly by the Elders, etc....

    An earthquake in Haiti?

    I think many JW's like us are questioning what happened and why? Could it be a start for many to question as they comtemplate the devastation that happened to the Haitian JW's?

    I don't ever remember a disaster affecting so many JW's at the same time. Especially when Bethel is always pitching how JG saved his people in past ones.

  • jamiebowers

    Mr. Flipper, I'd forgotten about that guy. But I don't think Richard Rawe would make such a big announcement over a single law suit. Guess we're going to hav to sit back and wait to see what, if anything is going on.

    Gayle, interesting thoughts!

  • SirNose586

    I am skeptical of any "big thing" that will "take down the WT." I've been too gullible in the past, but not anymore. I would love to see some sort of scandal which permanently alters the way they do business from now on, but I won't hold my breath in anticipation.

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