Any Ideas on the Next "Big Thing" that Will Bring the Watchtower Down?

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  • wobble

    I think you are right about the homosexuality thing Highlander, a lot of the JW's reactions would be:

    "Well, bugger me !"

    I don't think ,as you again rightly say, that there is a silver bullet to bring down the cult, or even just one that convinces individual Dubs, different things seem to wake them up.

    But the cumulative effect of all the things happening lately must make many begin to feel uneasy, I do hope so.

    I hope that the next big thing is a financial scandal, that seems to hit all Dubs, because they have to trust that their money is being handled properly.



  • cameo-d

    Any ideas?

    Maybe we will discover that Watchtower lawyers graduated from Pat Robertsons Law School or his Regent University.

  • greenhornet

    Can I have a link for this face book page. I really don't want to join.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    The WT is laundering money..? Financing Arms in Iraq (Rand Cam)..? It's leaders are Freemasons and Bethel has a secret 'lodge'..? How many guesses can we have...?

  • miseryloveselders

    Another Ray Franz type incident would be catastrophic in this age of media and the internet. Back then, his book caused some shockwaves I imagine. I was a kid then, so I don't remember what happened. People my age still in, and younger have never heard of Ray Franz. I don't believe most JWs could name you five members on the GB or who the President of the WTS is. Some couldnt even tell you who the Service Overseer or Secretary is in their own congregations.

    But, if a charasmatic dissident in NY decided to make a play, it would be huge. There'd be no way to keep something like that quiet without collateral damage. That collateral damage would turn into more disillusioned and eventual x-JWs. All because of the spread of information via the Web, and I'm sure if Time Magazine had articles on Franz in the 80's, some major media would cover a modern dissident.

    A major core teaching could cause some problems. I don't mean a "this generation" either, as previous posters mentioned, most JWs couldnt explain the past two or three interpretations of "this generation." It's really not that important to the average JW. No, it'd have to be something that would put more pressure on current JWs to make them break, or something so outragous that even Corky would know somethings not right.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Maybe I'm cynical but I've heard this kind of sensationalism too often on the conference call.

  • AllTimeJeff
    Maybe I'm cynical but I've heard this kind of sensationalism too often on the conference call.

    Yup, me too. I hope it happens as they say. I can't imagine someone who actually knows what it is wouldn't share it.

  • villabolo

    Once upon a time there was a major power struggle in the Watch Tower organization that affected the grass roots and the top levels. It was responsible for depleting the organization of up to 75% of its members. Here it still stands. When an organization of this kind has more than a few tens of thousands of members it's guaranteed immortality even if it has to go through periodic purges. Indeed, these purges will make it stronger by getting rid of the riff raff and keeping the utterly mindless within.

    So why lie in expectation of the next "Big Thing"?


  • betterdaze

    I can't imagine someone who actually knows what it is wouldn't share it.

    Loose lips sink ships.


  • finallysomepride

    If it happens it happens, we all should concentrate on getting our own loved ones & friends out.

    villabollo, pretty much sums it up.

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