'Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit.' Sooo uplifting...

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  • geevee

    villabolo: I thought the blood of Jesus was reserved, by Watchtower dictate, for the Anointed. Let them fill up the seats.

    Hey V,

    This is a good point! He is afterall their mediator and not "ours"!!!!!!!!!!

  • ldrnomo

    Didn't realize my seat at the KH was so valuable. I wonder if I stood outside the door and tried to sell tickets to get in how much money I would make.

    Sounds to me like the typical guilt induction that is practiced throughout the bORG. These basic physcoligical manipulation methods are typical of the CO Drones. They must train them on this stuff at the headquarters.


  • snowbird

    If that is true, then on Memorial Eve, the wine which symbolizes His Blood should be drunk by everyone who occupies a seat at the KH.

    The WT is being caught in its own cunning.


  • cantleave

    My friend has just had his CO visit. In the UK last week we had pretty bad snow. All the congregations I know of hadf to cancell meetings and I don't think anyone went on the service last week - anywhere in the UK. This CO chastised the congregation for not being out on the service during his visit. Talk about encouraging and understanding.

  • tjlibre

    "the congregation, which was bought with the blood of God's son...."

    Wait a minute….doesn’t the WT/GB teaches that ONLY the anointed (aka 144K/FDS) are the “congregation”? What, the GB is not attending the meetings? Those ungrateful bastards… (saying it with sarcastic tone).

  • dudeson

    I'm with Shamus.

  • daniel-p

    In fact, when he applied the scripture in Acts about the price of our seat at the kingdom hall, the audience actually gasped, sort of one of those hair-standing-on-the-back-of-your-neck moments.

    It was actually probably someone passing GAS, which can be confused with GASPS quite easily.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    It's the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ that is the priceless gift that christians should avail themselves of not the value of the sales meeting chairs at Kingdumb Hall.

    How much would the Governing Body write on the pricetag for work done by the labouring classes of the Watchtower Society. ? I would think a big fat zero would just about cover it. For decades the filled seats at the hall have been priceless ,think of all the old light shining down on them.

    Imagine a ninty nine year old JW who was a young lad when he first started going to the meetings ; During the last century he would have sat there in his favourite seat in the same chair at the hall, week in week out, year in year out, with the old light going out and the new light coming in. He silently sitting there gathering cobwebs, occaisonally telling the rest of the congregation that Russia is the King Of the North , and that it's ok they don't have to buy him a birthday cake and that the League of Nations is doomed because Hitler invaded Poland which means a new beast has come on the scene called the United Nations and it's standing where God's Kingdom should be standing .But don't worry because brother Franz in Brooklyn has got it all figured out. His knowledge is based on sound doctrine and is correct because he has seen the very well illustrated Whore of Babylon in the big red book with no questions at the bottom.

    But he is a bit confused because for ages he had all the answers in a little book called Make sure of All Things and in there he was told not to worship creatures until somebody pointed that according to the Watchtower Jesus was created which made him a creature and that the Higher Authorities didn't apply to God and his Son any more. He is ok with that though because they have replaced the book with another.

    What is the real price paid by that man and many, many, more like him?

  • blondie

    I have heard jws complain about other religions, about pew rent. They are suggesting that jws pay for the privilege of sitting at the KH?

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    What's that thing under my name ? My lips are not that big and red ,well they haven't been for awhile now!!!

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