'Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit.' Sooo uplifting...

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  • goldensky

    You are funny, Shamus.

  • Cadellin

    You look positively kissable, Edmond!

  • besty

    that CO needs an eddykayshun on market theory

    In finance, the efficient-market hypothesis (EMH) asserts that financial markets are "informationally efficient", or that prices on traded assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, or property) already reflect all known information, and instantly change to reflect new information.

    hmmm....seats priced down to zero AND still empty - the market knows best......:-))))

  • moshe

    Yes, I am sure they let out the same gasp when Bro. Charile Sunutko wowed them 40 years ago, when his rendition of , "stay alive until 1975". He really got the juices flowing- Hey, lets all quit our jobs or quit school, give up our home and pensions and move to the hills of Tennessee, where they need the pione-eers! Why the GB says two years pioneering is equal to a college education!

    I don't think the CO even realizes how bad it is now. The KH attendance could drop by 50%, if the teens keep abandoning the KH. The figures for JW member retentions is about the worst of any church.

  • SirNose586
    First I must say that this in one creative CO. He could probably sell ice to eskimos.

    Actually changeling, he's not! I heard this exact talk at the last Circuit Assembly I will ever attend. So either whereami's got the circuit's CO now, or this is from higher up.

    And it's a really terrible talk--not to say that others are any less terrible. That whole time I heard it, I thought, "At least with an opera seat, you're paying for the work of highly talented performers and creative production. You pay to be entertained, and you usually are. What do you get for playing the Watchtower's game? Nothing but lies. Who would want to pay for that?"

  • dssynergy

    I heard that at one circuit assembly recently, the local needs part was about menage a trois and wife swapping. Evidently, there was audible gasping and people looking around.

    How much do you think we could get for our seats on Ebay?

  • agonus

    Right. You don't charge for Filet Mignon then serve Salisbury Steak (or in the WT's case, Kibbles'N'Bits).

    Jesus' blood covered souls, not seats.

    The WT has not produced anything new, interesting, or meaningful, for nearly a quarter of a century.

    If I really felt Jesus just wanted me to tell myself the same old crap ad nauseum, I would do that. But I could do that on my own without anyone's help.

  • agonus

    If fellowship is the issue, why does the WT not sponsor online/virtual "meetings"? Why do you have to fill physical seats?

  • wobble

    They could not pay ME enough to go fill one of their ass-breaking seats.

    I too heard that talk here in the U.K years ago, so the old boy network is swapping ideas,or there is an official outline or article somewhere, didn't have any effect on the irregular attenders, at least not for long.



  • JustHuman14

    Typic CO talk...well I prefer to pay 50 dollars for a rock concert or 100 for an opera, but I wouldn't sit for a minute to lister to WT's crap...

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