HUGE, Faithful and discreet slave SEPARATED from other annointed now!!

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    The light is getter brighter and brighter and gooder and gooder.

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  • flipper

    END of MYSTERIES - Good thread. Thanks for posting it. The WT society printed an articlr recently going out on a limb claiming that ONLY the GB is the " faithful & discreet slave " last June of 2009 I believe. I think they are doing this strutting of power stuff to let all the newbie numbers partaking of emblems now know and be aware that ONLY THEY the GB are in charge. It's a control measure they are taking due to their screwing up a few years ago saying the sealing of the anointed DID NOT STOP in 1935 and it was opened up ! The result ? Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane who newly joins the witnesses and is slightly mentally off is now partaking of the emblems - claiming to be anointed ! LOL !

    I will find the thread I started on the June 2009 WT article and bump it up to the top page on " active topics " for you or others to refer to

  • flipper

    END of MYSTERIES - Refer to my thread I bumped up from last June dealing with what you are talking about from the June 15th , 2009 WT. It's on 1st page of active topics

  • What-A-Coincidence

    nothing new to see ... keep it moving

  • WuzLovesDubs

    But we now know that the GB ISNT all annointed so....the Faithful and Discreet Slave Bugger is who??? Comprised of what? In charge of and over whom???

    What a frickin joke this cult is. All about US over THEM controlling THEM so they will obey US.

  • bobld

    What "a few annointed members still remaining" They said in 2000 the end was near because the few annointed members were getting old and the end would be here before end.Well it's 10 years so they must be really really old but the end will be here before the few die.Crazy


  • jacquicortez

    I've always felt like they were saying in so many words that "Jehovah cares about us only...Jesus willed everything including the kingdom to us...when Jesus speaks it's only to us...the great crowd is just a bunch of losers."

  • EndofMysteries

    Wow, I just realized I noticed this 2 years ago, the changing of the faithful and discreet slave to ONLY the governing body.

  • EndofMysteries

    and if flipper article said that as well, then it's been in print, the annual meeting goal was to bring out to everybody that they haven't been paying attention? lol

  • oppostate

    Thanks EndOfMysteries for giving us meat in due season.

    Good catch and 2 years ahead of the annual meeting!


    Note to any lurking bethelites and traveling brothers:

    "As always you heard it first on JWN!"

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