HUGE, Faithful and discreet slave SEPARATED from other annointed now!!

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  • TD
    "A few anointed members of "the Israel of God" still remain...

    = The "Remnant"

    ...and as Jesus' brothers, they continue to act as "ambassadors substituting for Christ (2 Cor 5:20)

    Nothing new

    They have been appointed as a faithful and discreet slave class to care for and provide spiritual food for annointed ones and a growing crowd of Christians, who now include millions having the hope of living on earth forever. ...

    It's been taught for at least forty years that the anointed alive on Earth at any given time are as a class, the "Faithful and Discreet Slave," but as individuals are also domestics that are fed by the Slave. To me this comes across as a repetition of that idea. (i.e. Contrast between "Class" and "Ones" (Individuals))

  • VoidEater

    I agree with Lady Lee and TD - as I understood it, the WTS has for some time been saying there's a Biblical class of Anointed (or, to my understanding, at least a Biblical way of speaking about the activities of some of the Anointed) for when the FDS is ministering.

    I haven't kept the esoteric class names straight in my head, but it's been explained that the Anointed minister to themselves and to the GC as the FDS. What TD is talking about.

    It's always struck me as rather incestuous semantics that is meaningless at its heart, but allows them to impress the gullible with magic words. But:

    It's an important part of their theology - they have to reconcile that Jesus was speaking to the Anointed class when he talks to his apostles, yet justify why no one else is sharing in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, they need a way to say that the Anointed are minstering to themselves, as the only ones going to Heaven. Otherwise, it would appear that all those who are preached to have access to the Heavenly hope.

  • donuthole

    The dividing line is still murky but coming into focus. There was the recent WT where it talked about how only a subset of the anointed were entrusted with providing spiritual food in the 1st century, such as authoring the Bible books, and thus today not all anointed would be involved in this work. If current trends continue and the amount of partakers increase I expect that FDS will become synonymous with the Governing Body and the domestics will be the anointed and perhaps the other sheep if they aren't pushed down to be the master's "belongings".

  • darkl1ght3r

    Also, "the faithful and discreet slave" provides spiritual food to protect us against the teaching of evolution..."

    LMAO!!! How can they protect "us" when they don't even understand evolution? And they use piss-poor logic that an eight year old could pick apart.

    What they really mean is that they provide the hole in the ground that you can stick your head in when reality becomes too uncomfortable.


  • agonus

    So let me get this straight:

    As a GROUP, all anointed are F&DS.

    But INDIVIDUALLY, they aren't?

    In other words, when the FDS prepares itself spiritual food, it's the FDS, but not the FDS when it actually eats?

    To illustrate:

    Let's say I have a company which is a sole proprietorship, A.C. Enterprises. I am the sole employee and therefore sole beneficiary.

    So I go to the post office. I send a package addressed to myself, Agonus Cataphractus, but I pay the shipping doing business as A.C. Enterprises.

    A day later I, Agonus Cataphractus, receive my package from A.C. Enterprises. But, technically, legally, I did not send a package to myself, though in reality you and I both know that's exactly what I did.

    Am I getting warmer?

    Is this kind of like, "The Truth" is not really the truth?

    Just like the two different Watchtower magazines are somehow "Not Two Different Watchtower Magazines?"

  • agonus

    Actually, when you think about it, this kind of logic explains the twisted reasoning behind policies like the blood transfusion policy.

    You may eat bacon.

    You may eat lettuce.

    You may eat tomato.

    But God forbid you should eat a BLT.

  • dissed

    It was my understanding 13 years ago when I was still in.

    But as to understanding it so as to teach this to a new student? That's another story. They usually just repeat what you are saying so as to drop it and move on, without a clue as to what they said.

  • Slayerbard

    yeah got to love how the add a Substituting... making themselves equal to Christ. Like they are his earthly standings. A weee bit full of themselves I think.

  • TD

    Here's a semi-recent quote reiterating 70's material.

    "If all the anointed as a group, no matter where on earth they live, are members of the slave class, who are the "domestics"? They are the same anointed ones but considered from a different viewpoint-as individuals. Yes, as individuals they would be of the "slave" or they would be "domestics," depending on whether they were dispensing spiritual food or partaking of it. To illustrate: As recorded at 2 Peter 3:15, 16, the apostle Peter makes reference to Paul's letters. When reading them, Peter would be as one of the domestics feeding on the spiritual food provided by Paul as a representative of the slave class." The Watchtower May 15, 1995 p.16

  • Slayerbard

    Angnus that whole transfusion thing is cause there tired of getting lawsuits. Allowing "fractions" takes some of the heat off them and will save them some money. I also think they are trying to get away from that as it is causeing more and more problems for them. And making them look dumber and dumber. Next step will be to say that having "parts" of the blood isn't the same thing either, allowing for plasma transfusions and such.

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